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  • The Hidden Politics of Video Games

    Finding that magic tax point is like catnip for hard-core Sim City players. One Web site has calculated that according to the economic model in Sim City, the optimum tax rate to win the game should be 12 percent for the poor, 11 percent for the middle class and 10 percent for the rich.

    In other words, playing Sim City well requires not only embracing supply-side economics, but taxing the poor more than the rich. One can almost see a mob of progressive gamers marching on City Hall to stick Mayor McSim’s head on a pike.

    themanoftwistsandturns says:
  • I’m really enjoying this one. The controls and combat has gotten some criticism, but 1) I don’t mind, it, it’s intuitive to me at least and 2) I think it helps emphasize the randomness of combat. In the first boss fight, I ended up throwing my spear in desperation, and headshotting the Tyrant.

    themanoftwistsandturns says:
  • 804! It’s better?

    themanoftwistsandturns says:
  • I don’t play Dota, so I have a hard time following the actual mechanics of the game as talked about, but it appears that the playstyle revolves around focusing on victory conditions, and not taking on expensive stand-up fights from a losing position. Misdirection, hiding strengths, presenting weaknesses, fighting on terms that ensure victory and avoiding battles that will result in loss are all valid techniques in warfare. I’m well familiar with “gamey” styles of play, that take advantage of the computer’s weaknesses or exploit external information, and this does not look like that.

    themanoftwistsandturns says:
  • We could play Ingress, and get some actual walking done.

    themanoftwistsandturns says:
  • Awesome! I already own CK2, and will send it on to next week’s winner!

    themanoftwistsandturns says:
  • Dragon’s Lair at the Arcade Museum, in Flash, and on Steam.

    BONUS VIDEO CONTENT: Full Playthrough and all the content.

    themanoftwistsandturns says:
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