Popular Gamefilter Tags

Tags are free-form keywords and phrases Gamefilter members have used to describe their posts. The larger a word is, the more times it has been used to tag a thread at GFi. These are the 200 most-frequently used tags on Gamefilter.

3d 8-bit 2011 games 2014 addiction adventure ai arcade ARG art Australia Battlefield 3 beta bethesda bioware blizzard blog board games books browser browser-based browser games bulletstorm business call of duty capcom censorship civilization competition console criticism Crysis 2 Crytek d&d demo design deus ex developers developers developers developers development diablo DLC documentary doom double fine download downloads driving DRM Duke Nukem Forever dungeons and dragons E3 EA economics education elder scrolls essay facebook fan-made feminism fez Final Fantasy flash flash games fps free free-to-play gabe newell gamasutra game design gamedev Game Dev game jam games gamification gaming gaming history GDC gender generator glados google grand theft auto graphics GTA half life history horror html5 human revolution id id software igf independent games festival indie industry interactive fiction interview ios iPad iphone japanese javascript Jonathan Blow journalism kickstarter kinect Kongregate l4d l4d2 live-action ludum dare Mac machinima mario marketing Mashup mass effect microsoft minecraft MMO mods mojang money movie movies Multiplayer music narrative nintendo nostalgia notch oculus rift old-school Paradox Paradox Interactive PC PC Gamer PCGamer platformer play this politics portal portal 2 procedural programming PS3 psychology puzzle quake QWOP rage Realtime Worlds retro review reviews rock paper shotgun rockstar roguelike rpg rps rts screenshots sexism sims skyrim slyt snes Sony Source Filmmaker SpaceChimp Commands square-enix Steam super mario survival team fortress 2 tetris text adventure tf2 tim schafer trailer trailers tribute Twitter Ubisoft unity valve video violence Vlambeer vr web webgame webgames web games Windows world of warcraft wow youtube zombie Zombies
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What Is Gamefilter?

Gamefilter is a community weblog based in spirit and intent on the great work of Matt Haughey and his staff at Metafilter. It's all about sharing links to interesting stuff on the web, but with a narrower focus on gaming-related links -- good stuff that other people might not have already seen -- and talking about them.

Anyone can join for the low low price of zero dollars, and once you're a member, you have the senses-shattering power to post new stuff right from the front end of the site, and talk about that stuff in the comment threads. You don't need an account to read GFi, but as well as giving you The Power To Post, membership also lets you

  • Thank and Favorite all the goodness
  • Build a profile page with all your stuff in one convenient place
  • Send private messages and friend/follow your favorite GFites and their unstoppable Gfiltering style
  • Feel the warm glow of satisfaction in helping grow the community
  • Do all sorts of other neat things, both now and coming in the future!

Gamefilter is part of the growing MefightClub Network of sites, including our forum home, MefightClub itself, FullGlassEmptyClip, our group blog, and Ludic Research Labs, who are a bunch of bastards.

Your genial host is stavrosthewonderchicken, the miraculous poultry who built and administers the MFC Network sites, and a bunch of other web stuff as well. He has a minor addiction to building websites. He loves you all.