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  • This was being discussed over on the SomethingAwful forums, and someone brought up katrel’s point about VAC bans. It might be that the f2p version of TF2 is crippled somehow – perhaps only vanilla weapons or limited play time. One other suggestion I thought had merit is if Valve starts giving away free copies of TF2 with all other Valve game purchases.

  • Very cool. I hope Valve discloses the total donation amount after the sale is over.

  • No one tell him about Duke Nukem Forever then. In fact, Mr. Clark seems to be pretty ignorant of many past FPS games that reveled in the ridiculousness of the gameplay’s standard tropes. The Serious Sam series and Duke Nukem 3D come straight to mind, and Borderlands seems right on the edge between self-seriousness and satire. God forbid games have some fun at gamers’ expense.

  • Gearbox is missing a golden opportunity to release the game on April 1, 2011.

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