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  • I would have liked Bogost’s piece about 100x more if he had framed it as, “Here’s an alternative you might not have considered,” rather than, “valuing representation is bad and wrong and this is what you should do instead.”

    I do love Sim City, and some of Bogost’s writing has shaped how I approach ideology in games.

    Shortly before Bogost’s piece came out, I filled out a survey about video games. Some of the questions were about my favourite games and the main characters of those, and it did feel like an oversight that the survey assumed my favourite games all had identifiable main characters. So I can understand the frustration of having the potential for non-character-focused games be overlooked, but I’m annoyed that he treated it as in direct opposition to representation. Games can contain multitudes.

    robothero says:
  • I’m kind of unclear why this would incline people to not archive this stuff. Even if it’s reflective of a juvenile aspect of our culture, it’s still an aspect of our culture and could be of interest to researchers. Comic books were not always great art but were reflective of the culture that produced and consumed them. Or am I missing the point of archiving games?

    And honestly responses like, “Good. Fuck academia.” were not what I predicted. I predicted, “The real blame is on those journalists who wrote bad things about GamerGate.”

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