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A Roguelike Expedition-Sim set in the 19th century

The Curious Expedition is a roguelike-like expedition-sim set in the late 19th century in which you will venture on unprecedented expeditions to regions never explored before.

Accompanied by some of the world’s best scientists, you’ll travel through deep, lush jungles, wade through cursed swamps, explore peculiar caves and cross deadly deserts, all while encountering exotic native tribes and menacing wildlife that defies any explanation.
Adventure awaits!
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Chaos Seed

"Bongo` approached me many, many years ago and told me he was really interested in working on this very pretty looking game called Chaos Seed. I took a look at it and immediately fell in love. The art style was stunning, and it seemed very different from every other RPG I had worked on with Dynamic-Designs.

Dynamic Designs, an enclave of rom hackers and translators, has released a patch for Chaos Seed, a Super Famicon ARPG/Cave Construction game. [more inside]

Remember VRML?

Last month, Unity announced JavaScript and WebGL support in their new game engine, and showed off high-quality 3D game demos running in the browser with no plugins. Today, Microsoft and Ubisoft showed off their own WebGL game demo: Assassin's Creed Pirates, a sailing game optimized for touch-screen browsers. Microsoft's developer site has a promo video and loads of technical details. [more inside]

May 16, 2014

Games show the way to ending harrassment

Article by Laura Hudson Discussions of online harassment of women are usually depressing; this article is an exception: it talks about actions that work, and in games, of all places. Hudson focuses mainly on League of Legends, which has implemented reviews and bans that not only lower harassment but seem to re-educate the offenders. (Interesting detail: Riot studied the problem first, and found that, contrary to what's often reported, only 13% of harassment was due to trolls, i.e. persistently nasty people. The rest was occasional outbreaks from otherwise positive people.)

Def Shepard

The most common given names people chose for Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series were pretty spectacularly boring. I named mine Leppard Shepard, which may explain why I never even finished the first game: I need to take my universe-saving a little more seriously (which is pretty much what my highschool teachers always told me back in the day, come to think of it). Were you one of the Jacks, Jameses or Jessicas?

So This Is A Thing Now

I had no idea that this was a thing that was happening, but apparently it is, and now I know. (The growth of mercenaries and for-profit private military contractors isn't news to me; game companies producing journalvertising about it is). Activision has apparently produced a 'documentary' short film called "Superpower for Hire" in association with Vice and the advertising agency 72andSunny in order to promote their latest warpornmanshoot Call of Duty opus. Robert Rath at Escapist has a fair bit to say not only on the fact that it exists, but how fast and loose it plays with the product-pumping information it presents as factual.

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