GFi Comments by odiv
  • Also, some of these look super engaging. Going to give OpenTTD a shot over my lunch hour.

  • It loaded (eventually) for me.

  • Arg, use a tripod!

  • Failing that, hopefully it’s entertaining crap!

  • So is the bean-bag idea up for grabs, then?

  • BitterOldPunk said :
    And then the fact that everyone in the game was a completely amoral scumbag in whom I had no interest in helping… Which I get was kinda the point of a shooter set in modern Africa, but whatevs…)

    At least these guys were transparently amoral. The worst is when you can tell your character is getting duped by some villain into doing his bidding. Usually when I run into a situation where I don’t like how my character would act, I “solve” it by not playing the game anymore. Incidentally I don’t think I’d get very far into Modern Warfare 2.

  • I just spent like 3 hours playing this tonight. So addictive.

    I almost hate those games that get me feeling like they’re pointless. Because then I can’t help think that, well, all games are pointless. Then I get kind of down until I play something else.

  • 2 Player Productions did the first season of the Penny Arcade series and are not involved with the current (second) one.

  • This sucks, but I guess it’s at least partially my fault. I enjoy Bad Company 2, but I’m not buying the Vietnam DLC until it’s at least half off.

    See what you’ve done to me, Steam?

  • Wow, that’s pretty brazen. I guess it’s almost inevitable though, given the number of assholes in the world.

  • So looking forward to trying this when I get home. This is one of the disadvantages of working 12 hour Fridays.

  • Yeah, this looks pretty cool. I’m all about indie games. I’m thinking I should post one a week.

    Free Indie Game Friday?

  • And yet you still have to be connected to launch the games. It’s annoying when the pirates get a better product than us honest folk.

  • Capcom’s been making some bad moves lately. Not bringing SSF4 to PC because of piracy concerns was a bit annoying and cost them some sales. I’m sure it prevented some piracy, but I don’t think it was worth it.

  • I always knew I was one in a million!

    (I still haven’t played it yet, besides firing it up once or twice and then quitting almost immediately. Sometimes I wonder if I’m broken.)

  • Still haven’t finished the original Portal. My backlog is way too big right now and I keep buying new games.

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