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  • cjelli said : The article frames that as quick growth for EA while completely discounting EA’s prior downloadable services. It’s not as though Origin sprang forth from nothing, fully formed.

    I wonder if Forbes didn’t look this hard, didn’t know this, or didn’t care.

    I’m also curious how many people were users of EA’s Digital Store pre-Origin. But I feel like saying someone is an EA:Digital Store/Origin user is kinda like saying someone once bought something from Amazon. But most people I know don’t just stay logged into Origin like they do with Steam.

  • The importance of Metacritic scores is getting out of control. And while I’m sure it affects sales, I feel like it’s more important to the companies than to buyers, provided the scores don’t say the game’s complete garbage.

  • And now, if you pay more than the current average ($4.13 as of now), you also get The Binding of Isaac and Blocks that Matter!

  • Wow, that was supposed to be spoilertagged. Is that text class not implemented yet.

  • This reminds me of the movie Reign Over Me, which featured this game somewhat prominently as a way for Adam Sandler’s character to get over the death of his wife and daughters in 9/11.

  • I enjoyed many hours spent on this game. I got pretty good at figuring out how to make really fun coasters, and also how to make really profitable coasters. (Shuttle loops and the like always pay off so quickly. My brother and I often made a station-launched inverted coaster that would immediately half-loop, do a full barrel roll, then half loop back down to the track. Cheap, and it made a lot of money cause of the short ride/load time)

    But one of the most fun things were the game’s bugs and easter eggs. Naming a character Michael Schumacher meant he always won Go-kart races. If you placed a park visitor on a raised square of land and then quickly raised and lowered the land, sometimes they could fall into the ground, and would continue to plummet until they reached elevation 0 (the game’s minimum elevation-there was no negative). At this point the visitor would vanish, never to return.

    There were also some spectacular times spent trying to make the longest coaster jump. Build your station at maximum height, station launch, then drop as steeply as possibly to height 0, then make a little bump in the track. Bonus points if you got some people to get on first.

    Other experiments included putting all park visitors inside the Coliseum scenery piece. Unable to escape, we hoped they would fight to the death. Alas.


  • Well that’s pretty damn cool. I love that it lacks the “guess and maybe you’ll get it right” nature of Grow, but still has lots of cool random stuff happening.

  • sibrax said :

    Because it sounds like Pachter just made them up.

    Him? NEVER!

    Niteowl said :

    Oh, I dunno, I’m kinda glad it made money. Mainly because I have a softspot for Gearbox.

    How much Randy Pitchford has been a dick recently isn’t helping that much, though.

  • The Joystiq link is borked, FYI.

  • juv3nal said :

    I swear I hadn’t seen The Devil Tesla’s post on Metafilter about this when I posted. I mean not that it matters, but just sayin’.  

    There’s an achievement for that. Or at least one for TDT now.

  • Does anyone else think the Heavy-esque big guy looks a lot like Voldemort in the HP movies?

  • I was fun, but like juv3nal I definitely think it was made with a touchscreen in mind. Oftentimes it would switch from doing an AoE attack to a barrier if i moved my mouse just a little. A bit finicky but a cool concept.

  • This is stunning. I wonder what kind of computer they have and how playable it is with all their mods and textures. I know GTA4 is supposed to be pretty resource-hungry as it is.

  • Looks like the site has been down since yesterday, flooded by all the free downloads.

  • I think it was the Forza Motorsport 4 and Saints Row the 3rd E3 trailers. The Know Your Meme link that kosmosxipo posted lays it out pretty handily.

  • stavrosthewonderchicken said :

    I wonder who those people would be, precisely, and how they would be manipulated.   

    I would imagine this would be small games sites that are just so excited to be getting a free copy of the game and hits for their site that they’ll overlook a little journalistic neutrality.

  • Also, I wanted to add that there is a 2009 interview with the developer available here

  • Used to play this back in 2005/06. I nice brief daily diversion. I remember laughing hysterically when it told me I needed to build a Bitchin’ Meatcar.

  • katrel said :
    If people who have actually paid money to buy your game are leaving it in the box and playing a pirated version instead, then you’re doing something wrong.


    The same goes for DVDs/Blurays with unskippable stuff before the menu. And I’m not just talking about the FBI warning against illegal copying that pirates don’t have to deal with.

  • The problem with consoles becoming more like PCs is well, they eventually get to be just as hackable as PCs.

    I don’t think 15 years ago anyone thought consoles would have the same ports as one another. I mean, really. Even if some older controllers ran on the USB spec (like the original Xbox), console designers went out of their way to change the pins around, producing a wide variety of strange configurations. Now the PS3, X360 and Wii all have USB ports. Fascinating.

  • Very cool. This is basically my dream job.

  • Awesome cover. Was it the same composer as the Starcraft music, because it sounds very similar, sans the 80s overdrive guitar.

  • Sorry, forgot to mention, the Call of Pripyat Complete was finally released yesterday.

  • Once the PC SDK stuff really gets rolling, hopefully there will be a standalone version sold, not just the $150 bundle version.

  • BitterOldPunk said :
    … the frustratingly impossible mini-game in the Akuda Bar!

    It can be done. Basically you just have to start off with a bang and not let up.

  • Was just about to post this, and now I’ll never be able to use the snappy headline “Now You’re Thinking With Voxels”. Sad times.

    In other related Minecraft parody bits, Previously

  • I love the awesome spirit of creation that games like TF2 and Minecraft bring out in people. So good.

  • This is really golden. Having just started playing a lot of LoL, I’ve seen a lot of some of this behavior (mostly leavers and people who afk when losing). Nice to see that Riot really is paying attention to these problems.

  • It appears Ubisoft has pulled the link, I’ll see if it’s been reuploaded.

  • The effort and meticulous nature of these things still blows my mind, and I’m not exactly the least meticulous guy out there.

  • I’m not really interested in Scrolls either. I am curious if, as Notch/Mojang claims, Minecraft will be in a “finished” state by the end of 2011. That’s a lot of work that needs doing.

  • There’s definitely more work to be done in the area of game difficulty. For example, there are a few games that one can coast through on medium or hard, only to hit a really difficult battle 2/3 of the way through the game.

    I am a big fan of the L4D/L4D2 AI director. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I’ve easily beaten a level, even when I was more than up to the task.

    But maybe I’m not the best person to ask about difficulty, considering I play Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV.

  • This generally reminds me of the CEO of the the identity protection service LifeLock putting his SSN on the sides of trucks as advertising, only to have his identity stolen and used for a variety of loans, credit cards, and other various purchases. And then the company got fined $12M by the FTC for false advertising.

    The difference being that Gabe Newell isn’t such a cocky asshole and also the only place that id and password are useful is through Steam, which Valve can self-regulate.

  • I’ve found this before, when searching for how long it would take to beat certain games and help my overwhelming backlog seem more managable. Unfortunately, as others have noted, 1-3 data points doesn’t do much. I feel like Valve could release a lot of this information via Steam user statistics.

  • Paradox just took it to a whole new level of WTF.

  • katrel said :
    Man, that song alone might get me to finally play an Elder Scrolls game.  

    Yeah, I’ve never really been interested in a game in this series before, but this looks pretty badass. Waiting for it to come out and all the dust to settle before I decide though.

  • I played this back when it was a singleplayer alpha, it was a fun idea but still needed some serious work at that point. It’s looking a lot more awesome now, and the multiplayer is a real bonus. Dinosaurs with machine guns!

  • Because we play games to win them, and to be entertained. The first is dependent on an algorithm determines by the game’s makers, the second is dependent on how fun an action is. But just because an action is fun in a game doesn’t make it right.

    We also play games to have control, to make a difference, to be told a story, whether it be turning the tide of war or managing your Sim family. A ideal land where conflict is resolved peacefully lacks these unique stories, which is why we don’t see too many utopian video games. We see war-torn battlefields and dystopian totalitarian states.

    A Sims family with no children doesn’t allow the user to continue playing once the current generation dies off (unless they make a new family). Not having kids in the game cuts the user off of a huge portion of the gameplay. It is less complicated (in all ways but financially) to have one parent at home with the kids. I don’t think any 2-working-parent household would argue with that. But that doesn’t make it inherently more right or wrong, it just means that it’s also going to be the more fun path people go down when they play the game. They can be the working spouse and the stay-at-home spouse. They don’t have to choose.

  • apoch said :

    Link broken, but I see you mean this one Ah, thought you meant an interview between PC Gamer and Northcott.

  • apoch said :
    I particularly like the interview portion.  

    What interview are you referring to?

  • Darn, I got all mixed up. Here are the pages comissioned by PC Gamer. The ones linked above are some other similar works by Northcott.

  • As a mechanical engineer, I have spent my fair time fiddling with oscilloscopes. However, I don’t understand nearly enough about this except to conclude that somehow the microcontroller grabs the graphical data really quickly and then makes a complex signal that graphs the shape on the o-scope really quickly every frame. Awesome.

  • While I don’t have the change to shell out for a subscription right now, the mag looks really awesome, as does just about everything else in the store. Probably going to grab an issue and/or a tee cause the stuff just looks way cool.

  • Of these, I can personally recommend Alien Swarm, HL2: Deathmatch, Peggle Extreme, and Trackmania Nations: Forever being totally worth your time. Some of the mods are a lot of fun too.

  • Due to this blog and other recommendations from Mefight Club, I am now the owner of Carcassonne and Pandemic. Board games can still be fun. Don’t let Monopoly ruin it for you.

  • Wow. That was pretty great, and in many ways I think a great explanation of the “zen” of minecraft to non-players.

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