Monthly Archive: June 2011

Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie "Before we knew it, we had the material for the film that we actually wanted to make, but didn’t set out to. In Super Meat Boy and FEZ, we had a narrative about making and releasing a game—filmed in real time."

The film also focuses on the story of Jonathan Blow, interweaving the story of the already complete Braid with the other two games still in progress.

Dead End Thrills

Applying the principles of real world photography to the virtual worlds of games is just part of the solution. Hacking and tweaking games to remove player model, HUD and restrictions on the camera are others. The toughest, though, is rendering games from throughout the 3D era, from Deus Ex to Crysis 2, at truly uncompromising quality. There is a massive difference between running a game with top-of-the-line antialiasing and quality settings, and running it with those same settings at resolutions far in excess today’s norms, using offline resampling to achieve perfect results. Only recently, and after extensive research, have such methods become possible.

June 20, 2011

Well there goes a source of posts

"Valve engineers and artists regularly contribute to industry and academic conferences, covering topics from the high level goals of our cabal development process to the inner workings of cutting-edge rendering algorithms.": Valve publications (all pdf, but that link is html) contains articles and slides from presentation pertaining to Valve games from the original Half-Life up to Left 4 Dead 2. [more inside]

Steam, EA and You: the online PC games marketplace

A war is brewing on the PC digital download battlefield. First, EA offered a Signature Edition version of Dragon Age 2 that was only available if you pre-ordered before a certain date—and not available at all on Steam, the pre-eminent digital download store. Now, various EA games have disappeared from Steam, including Crysis 2 and the pre-order for Battlefield 3. [more inside]

June 7, 2011

“F**k it, we’ll do it live”: E3 edition

The best thing about E3 for many of the people watching at home are the live shenanigans. Last year brought us uncomfortable moments such as "you will be sucked" and Ubisoft's Battle Tag. This year's batch of conferences have been mostly disappointing in that regard (though Ubisoft scores a direct hit with Mr. Caffeine). Leave it to Geoff Keighley and Reggie Fils-Aime, then, to bring the awkwardness. [more inside]

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