• cortex commented on the post, 36 Pongs 5 years, 4 months ago

    This is delightful at a glance, though I haven’t tried to sucker my wife into being player two yet so I haven’t really been able to experience the games as games so much as sampled them while flailing against myself.

  • One thing that occurred to me pretty early on with the computer thing is that, yeah, a lot of otherwise interested players may not ever want to touch trying to program their in-game CPU with a ten foot assembler, but that’s not a problem: hacker culture meets user culture, the folks who feel like showing […]

  • I am super excited for the idea of this.

  • And now I’ve gotten to the city, cholera-free! And that’s where the demo stops giving you more game narrative, though you can leave and arse about more. But at this point I’m sold enough that I dropped ten bucks on a pre-order to get proper beta access. I’m really liking this. One thing I would […]

  • One of the interesting side-effects of that is that as you become savvy about the metroidvania genre, you start seeing those future flux points as you encounter them — the look of a too-high or too-long jump that you know you can’t make but suspect you eventually will, the conspicuous too-small passage or too-thin or […]

  • Of course, that makes it a lot harder to advance the plot.

  • I spent a number of hours wandering around Skyrim as Hyssop the Pacificistic Herbalist, taking actually a more hardline approach than Felix does on the subject: casting mind control spells on them is assault, dammit; non-lethality is not pacifism, whacking someone with a magic club of peacefulness (as at least one pacifist character did, may or […]

  • Finally got to trying this out yesterday. Some fiddliness in the interface (getting used to using 1, 2 and 3 to toggle between take/drop, pick up, and consume speeds things up a lot, as does using q to toggle into and out of the item screen in the first place) but all in all I […]

  • cortex commented on the post, Dangle 5 years, 5 months ago

    Man alive. That is a hell of a thing. I can’t actually get to the point of wanting to own one, but I’m glad it exists and want it to be owned by others.

  • cortex posted a new activity comment 5 years, 11 months ago

    In reply to: juv3nal posted an update in the group Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Ok getting there with the ALL THE AUGS plan. Protip: You really, really don’t want Radar level 2 aug (at least if you’re playing on console). It […] View

    True. I have treated their notional cones of vision pretty conservatively, so I’m probably treating it as more of an issue than it is. I also haven’t ever dropped aug points into the stealth radar upgrade stuff, so I don’t know literally how long their vision even is.

  • I have now beaten the game on Hardest with pacifist and foxyhound. Beyond that, I literally refrained from all violence, no non-lethal guns or takedowns or indirect assaults, which was a hell of a fun thing to pull off. (I typhooned the bosses. Fuck the bosses.)

  • cortex posted a new activity comment 5 years, 11 months ago

    In reply to: juv3nal posted an update in the group Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Ok getting there with the ALL THE AUGS plan. Protip: You really, really don’t want Radar level 2 aug (at least if you’re playing on console). It […] View

    Yeah, this is a weird unfeature of that aug. Depending on what you want the radar for it’s not all bad since planning for distant enemies can be handy, but it’s still a surprisingly crappy outcome on what should really be a much improved radar experience.

  • Hey, so the new game is not shit. That’s a big relief right there. I’ve got disagreements with some of the changes (notably, the boss fights felt out of place, the FMV sequences were largely unnecessary and in a couple specific instances outright jarring in the way they took control away from me to make Adam do something stupid, and the…[Read more]

  • I am going to think of Duke Nukem Forever as a weird sort of venture capital for Borderlands 2.

  • cortex commented on the post, NES Game Maps 6 years ago

    You have no idea how much of a relief it is to look at the Zelda overworld on Apork months and months later and see that the grass has not somehow managed to spread to places it shouldn’t be.

  • cortex commented on the post, Kingdom Rush 6 years ago

    This is nice! I haven’t had time to dig very deep into it, but the first few levels did a nice job of stepping up the basics, and the upgrade tree is compulsion-making as such things ought to be.

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