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July 22, 2014


Think you have a pretty good read on where video game consumers are spending their money? Perhaps it's time to reassess: The game could be a fad but if it remains popular, it could net Kardashian $85 million this year and according to Gamasutra, Cowen Research estimates the game will generate roughly $225M in revenue for Glu's 2014 fiscal year. Developer Glu Mobile's stock has soared to it's highest point since 2007 and the game has a rather enthusiastic fanbase that was vehemently upset when the game servers ran into problems over the weekend. [more inside]

Screw Your Walking Simulators

Attempting to rigorously define interactivity is about as joyous as rigorously defining the word game into your preferred pigeon hole. You might see healthy debate in this conversation. I see a black hole event horizon through which my will to live is disappearing.
A game is not about walking from A to B, but about the things that happen to the player at A and B - a panorama, a conversation, a moment of madness... The act of walking is often vital to the experience, embedding a player inside the activity in ways that a static image or short film would not.

Joel Goodwin (Electron Dance) on Secret Boxes

July 8, 2014

Escape from Endor? One of the Ewok movies. I was an extra. I actually was hunting Ewoks.

Steve continues, "The other thing that was really innovative in Maniac Mansion was the fact that you were controlling three different characters and switching back and forth, which was something I'd never seen before."

"That was an insane thing to try to do," says Ron.

"And it was great," says Steve.

Pete Langston jokes, "It's something that Grand Theft Auto has only now discovered."

USGamer interviews a bunch of Lucasarts guys about the good 'ole days.

July 5, 2014

Celebrity Skulls

"Games about space fascists kicking the shit out of each other just aren't having as much on an impact on contemporary discourse as they could." David Hayward (organizer of the Feral Vector game design festival) walks and talks amusingly about how thinking of video games as industry stifles video games as a creative culture. His accompanying blog post is here.

July 4, 2014


DAGGR is a new community for LGBT gamers and their friends. Their mission is "to build a thriving community platform for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender gamers (or 'gaymers') and their friends, to share their gaming experiences and connect with each other through the medium of video games."

Squaresoft in The Head

Though this is possibly the best title in the entire PSP catalog, its release date being at the end of the console’s lifetime made it impossible for western players to enjoy it. Claiming “market reasons”, Square Enix never released an English localized version...
A complete fan translation of Final Fantasy Type-0 was released on Sunday. Now, two days later SquareEnix announced an HD version for the Vita PS4. [more inside]

“the pièce de resistance is the Fix-It Felix Jr.”

Arcadia: A Love Story

We make our way down the hall and he ceremoniously opens the door. It is a portal into the past. The first thing I see is a Donkey Kong cabinet, but then my eyes are drawn to a row of pristine gumball machines that look just like the ones at the Yellow Balloon where I got my first haircut on Ventura Boulevard in 1984.

Everyone who enters this room, Kooluris tells me, has the same reaction: They tell him about the part of their childhood it reminds them of.

May 24, 2014

Chaos Seed

"Bongo` approached me many, many years ago and told me he was really interested in working on this very pretty looking game called Chaos Seed. I took a look at it and immediately fell in love. The art style was stunning, and it seemed very different from every other RPG I had worked on with Dynamic-Designs.

Dynamic Designs, an enclave of rom hackers and translators, has released a patch for Chaos Seed, a Super Famicon ARPG/Cave Construction game. [more inside]

May 16, 2014

Games show the way to ending harrassment

Article by Laura Hudson Discussions of online harassment of women are usually depressing; this article is an exception: it talks about actions that work, and in games, of all places. Hudson focuses mainly on League of Legends, which has implemented reviews and bans that not only lower harassment but seem to re-educate the offenders. (Interesting detail: Riot studied the problem first, and found that, contrary to what's often reported, only 13% of harassment was due to trolls, i.e. persistently nasty people. The rest was occasional outbreaks from otherwise positive people.)

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