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Def Shepard

The most common given names people chose for Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series were pretty spectacularly boring. I named mine Leppard Shepard, which may explain why I never even finished the first game: I need to take my universe-saving a little more seriously (which is pretty much what my highschool teachers always told me back in the day, come to think of it). Were you one of the Jacks, Jameses or Jessicas?

So This Is A Thing Now

I had no idea that this was a thing that was happening, but apparently it is, and now I know. (The growth of mercenaries and for-profit private military contractors isn't news to me; game companies producing journalvertising about it is). Activision has apparently produced a 'documentary' short film called "Superpower for Hire" in association with Vice and the advertising agency 72andSunny in order to promote their latest warpornmanshoot Call of Duty opus. Robert Rath at Escapist has a fair bit to say not only on the fact that it exists, but how fast and loose it plays with the product-pumping information it presents as factual.

May 7, 2014

Accessibility Jam

Accessibility Jam is an upcoming game jam that wants to give “developers knowledge and experience of how to make mainstream video games accessible to gamers with disabilities, to provide good examples of what’s possible, and move accessibility towards being widely accepted good practice in the game design process.”

Hey Game Developer

Game Programming Patterns

Hey, Game Developer! Do you struggle to make your code hang together into a cohesive whole? Find it harder to make changes as your codebase grows? Feel like your game is a giant hairball where everything is intertwined with everything else? Wonder if and how design patterns apply to games? Hear things like “cache coherency” and “object pools”, but don’t know how to use them to make your game faster?

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