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Centurion 500

One hundred comments is one holy hell of a lot of comments! And you’ve left that many on GFi while logged in. You, sir or madam, are a Centurion.

Favoritism 250

Favoriting things is something you sure know. You are a favoriting fanatic, and that’s fantastic, friend.
Gamefilter worries that you might be getting a little over the top in your favoriting … (more)

Five’s A Charm 25

Commenting five times (while logged in) is at least five times as good as commenting once!

Friendly Fifty 250

You have left 50 comments while logged-in to Gfi and you have made people happy and affirmed their worth as human beings. You deserve a drink!

Frist Psot 50

Congratulations on your first post to Gfi! You are burning sun god of community blogging, and our love for you has grows and deepens with each passing day.

Future Robot Space Hobo Centurion 5,000

One hundred posts to Gfi and you have now transcended mundane human existence, and have completed your transformation into a Future Robot Space Hobo Centurion. We who have read your posts; we salute … (more)

Gene Simmons 50,000

You have made one thousand posts to Gfi. This is called, amongst those in the know, the Gene Simmons. You are definitely in the know, and you know what to do now. You are a burning blog god.

I am become Shiva, the sustainer of blogs 25,000

Five hundred posts? How is that even possible? You are mere steps from creating a weblog singularity through the sheer volume of your output. Lesser mortals avert their eyes from your blogly transcen… (more)

Identity Is The Foundation Of Trust 5

You’ve added some info about yourself to your profile. Not only does this make you a Gfite in good standing, it helps other people to find you, to friend you, to like you, and yes, to love you. YOU A… (more)

Like Tears In Rain 2,500

So soon, posts roll off the front page, into the digital oblivion of the archives. Your fight to keep your byline up front and center is heroic. Fifty posts in, and you are nothing less than a true R… (more)

My Commenting Style Is Unbeatable 5

You have made your first comment on Gamefilter while logged-in to your Gfi account.

Oops 5

You’ve trashed your first blog post. That’s OK, that’s the way things go sometimes. Soldier on, Mefighter!

Rotato Guru 5,000

One thousand comments while logged in to Gfi, and you have achieved Commenter Enlightentment. The young gather at your feet to learn the Way of Rotato.

Statustacular 50

You are devoted to letting people know about your current status. Your devotion is recognized and hereby rewarded. Keep statusizing, Gfite!

Statustician 250

Your mathematical precision and status-posting verisimilitude is the envy of your fellow GFites! You are a Status-tician!

Viewing 15 achievements - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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What Is Gamefilter?

Gamefilter is a community weblog based in spirit and intent on the great work of Matt Haughey and his staff at Metafilter. It's all about sharing links to interesting stuff on the web, but with a narrower focus on gaming-related links -- good stuff that other people might not have already seen -- and talking about them.

Anyone can join for the low low price of zero dollars, and once you're a member, you have the senses-shattering power to post new stuff right from the front end of the site, and talk about that stuff in the comment threads. You don't need an account to read GFi, but as well as giving you The Power To Post, membership also lets you

  • Thank and Favorite all the goodness
  • Build a profile page with all your stuff in one convenient place
  • Send private messages and friend/follow your favorite GFites and their unstoppable Gfiltering style
  • Feel the warm glow of satisfaction in helping grow the community
  • Do all sorts of other neat things, both now and coming in the future!

Gamefilter is part of the growing MefightClub Network of sites, including our forum home, MefightClub itself, FullGlassEmptyClip, our group blog, and Ludic Research Labs, who are a bunch of bastards.

Your genial host is stavrosthewonderchicken, the miraculous poultry who built and administers the MFC Network sites, and a bunch of other web stuff as well. He has a minor addiction to building websites. He loves you all.