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  • In the RPS comments thread, someone points to this 2 week old tweet from E3.

  • I wonder if they’re planning on adding any game to that Tomb Raider 20 minute quick time event. I think they should consider it.

  • Hey, dreamcast vmu for a new generation

  • I really enjoyed this.

  • Sad not to see Dungeons & Dragons Online there, either, but I guess two Turbine F2Ps would be too much. Still, BF Heroes? Sheesh.

  • I have no words. Wait, I have a couple. Storing passwords in plain text? Default to trusting rogue clients? The *entire userbase*? Jesus Christmas, guys, how is that even *possible*. I mean, I’m almost positive every one of my web forums have better security in place than PSN. And only PSN has my credit card info.

    Which I should probably get on canceling. For the second time this year.

  • I have not had this much fun playing a game in quite a while. I think it’s quite a bit easier than Portal, at least so far as I’ve gotten into it, but that’s not really a complaint. I never actually completed Portal. Heh. But, as said above, I’ve laughed out loud in a lot of places, and there’s a lot of places where I’ve appreciated some pretty subtle gags, too. It’s just Valve at what they do best: polish, polish, polish to perfection the second time round. (Half Life, L4D, Team Fortress, Portal)

  • I don’t mind a short, complete game for a small, reasonable price. A $60 AAA title that is 6-8 hours of gameplay is ridiculous on its own, and if two or three of those hours are backtracking across the same maps? Please. If it’s something like Bad Company 2 – which is primarily meant to be a multiplayer experience – I can deal with an abbreviated single player game.

    I mean, ok, every game doesn’t need to be Baldur’s Gate II and have 100+ hours of potential playtime, but come on.

    PS: I guess no one on the XBox completed New Vegas because of the crashing issues?Heh.

  • Heh, heh. I’ll fully admit to being crumudgeonized by the internet’s over-embrace of April Fool’s Day, which I actually used to love. I just particularly hate the RPS gag because it simply makes the site difficult to read and understand, and I really would have liked a comprehensible writeup on Skyrim.

  • You’re talking about the “one day a year I can’t read Rock, Paper, Shotgun”? Yeah, I could do without, too.

  • This is on the blue now, as well. Good stuff.

  • *Is* there a universal system for what makes a good or bad achievement? Nobody made this guy play Ecco the Dolphin three times for an achievement. He just “had to.” Achievements are part of the Metagame, and I sort of think the vast majority of people playing the average game are not obsessing about achievements.

    I mean, I have achievements in my PnP D&D games, so I think they’re great and can add a lot when done right. I just don’t think that *bad* achievements are anything akin to crippling game design because they’re an optional mechanic, and shitty ones are only a problem if you compulsive about maxing achievements.

  • BOP: I, too, got only as far as closing the first Oblivion gate before spending the next 250 hours installing a metric fuckton of mods and picking flowers.

  • Also: I like that the kickstarter default seems to be 10,000. Hope springs eternal.

  • You know, not to derail too much, but I think they were only being accused of two of those three things.

  • Just because he didn’t pirate anything doesn’t mean he didn’t break any laws.

  • Yeah, man, to be fair, that song is goddam amazing.

  • Good article, but obviously written by an “outsider.” I seem to remember that when Steam came out it was highly controversial, and the HL2 release something of a cluster. Reads like Steam just came out steaming, rather than sputtering, which I think glosses over something that really only makes the success of the platform more compelling.

    Sucks for Democracy 2 guy, though.

  • Yeah, the YDKJ Devs make me want to scream. 2 players only? No online multi? My god, how great this COULD HAVE been.

  • I liked the first… third of the article, where he traces all the things that make minecraft such a wonderful aberration. The second two thirds, when he starts talking about the importance of “aligning with your tribe,” comes off like something I’d hear in a marketing department board room, and so I couldn’t keep reading.

  • Did BC2 not sell well?

  • Eh, I think it’s a pretty good idea. APB had a lot of interest going in, and I still think it’s a setting that has enough people willing to play to allow it to survive. It was poorly made in a lot of ways, and poorly balanced, is my understanding, but is scooping it up at a song and putting enough effort into it to make some money a terrible idea? I dunno. I DO think just about any MMO can be successfully retooled into a decent F2P.

  • Ah, Paradox, God love ye.

  • That’s what everyone says and… I agree. Seriously, you couldn’t shave three weeks off a game in production for over a decade?

    Honestly, I actually liked the Duke Deathmatch more than just about anything else because of things like Holoduke, that to me made it require a bit more cunning than just knowing where the Quad damage and/or BFG are hidden.

  • Nice. I just read RPS and massively, although I’m not sure why I read the latter, really.

  • Flagged for terrible pun. Also to test flagging. FLAG YOU.

    I dunno, mounted shooty shoot sounds pretty cool. There was a mod to that effect released maybe a year ago, sounds neat.


  • It appears to also be set in the OMFG REAL WORLD!

  • Well, of course!

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