SpacechimpGamefilter is about two things: the gaming, and the filtering, and the fun. Wait, make that three things†.

OK, let me start again.

Gamefilter is a community weblog inspired shamelessly ripped off in style and structure from Metafilter. Metafilter was the source from which Mefight Club sprang, and Gamefilter has in turn done sprung from the fertile ground of Mefight Club, and so the circle is complete.

A community weblog is a site that’s about two things: the webs, and the logs.

No, wait, that’s not right.

Seriously, come on

OK. Gamefilter is a site where you post links to neat, less-seen gaming-related stuff, and we talk about it. Nothing less, but hopefully much much more.

Gamefilter’s mission is to fill a gap in what is being called game journalism these days. There are a lot of Very Big Gaming sites — some of them quite excellent, some of them woefully corporate, but most of them filled with the same gaming news and reviews and previews as the rest. There are also an enormous number of small blogs and enthusiast sites out there, laboring in these days of social media in varying degrees of obscurity. There are a million small developers and indie game creators working in the internet shadows until they’re lucky enough get greenlighted (greenlit?) or linked on Kotaku or something. There are even ‘mainstream’ journals publishing interesting pieces about gaming, many of which get ignored by gaming sites whose focus might be a little too narrow (and who have a vested interest in keeping eyeballs on their own site, not directing them elsewhere).

Gamefilter is meant to be fit into the gaps — especially that very wide gap between the kind of gaming content that shows up on the Big Sites and the great stuff that percolates down in internet trenches — and be the glue that links them. Or the minimap. Or the flashlight. My metaphors have gotten a little overcomplicated, I sense.

We love Eurogamer and RockPaperShotgun and Polygon and even Kotaku and all the rest of the heavily-trafficked gaming sites out there. But Gamefilter was conceived to be a place to find new and interesting stuff that you might not have seen elsewhere, or to highlight the best bits from the daily firehose of gaming news.

Because there is just so much new stuff every! single! day! Gamefilter is designed to allow anyone who is a member to post neat stuff they find. In effect, every single member of GFi is an editor of the site, and collaboratively, we can filter out all the noise and just focus on the Best Bits, the smart and fun and interesting bits, the bits that may get lost in the Howling Maelstrom of Content, and the bits that you might not have seen on every other site out there.

Anyone can join Gamefilter, and if you are a) a person who likes games, video or otherwise, b) a fine individual who is disinclined to type in ALLCAPS or use LOL unironically, c) someone who loves the internet and is just bursting with interesting links or at least prone to stumbling across them once in a while, we hope that you’ll consider joining us too.

If you need to contact the admin (aka stavrosthewonderchicken) and want to do it by email, you can send your message to admin@ this domain, and he will quite probably… no almost certainly read it! If you sign up for an account (and you should, by Crom!), you can just send him a private message on the site.

† Achievement unlocked: The Oldest Joke In The Book

Gamefilter’s design is based on the excellent Hueman, from Alx Media.

Achievement icons courtesy of the Noun Project.

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What Is Gamefilter?

Gamefilter is a community weblog based in spirit and intent on the great work of Matt Haughey and his staff at Metafilter. It's all about sharing links to interesting stuff on the web, but with a narrower focus on gaming-related links -- good stuff that other people might not have already seen -- and talking about them.

Anyone can join for the low low price of zero dollars, and once you're a member, you have the senses-shattering power to post new stuff right from the front end of the site, and talk about that stuff in the comment threads. You don't need an account to read GFi, but as well as giving you The Power To Post, membership also lets you

  • Thank and Favorite all the goodness
  • Build a profile page with all your stuff in one convenient place
  • Send private messages and friend/follow your favorite GFites and their unstoppable Gfiltering style
  • Feel the warm glow of satisfaction in helping grow the community
  • Do all sorts of other neat things, both now and coming in the future!

Gamefilter is part of the growing MefightClub Network of sites, including our forum home, MefightClub itself, FullGlassEmptyClip, our group blog, and Ludic Research Labs, who are a bunch of bastards.

Your genial host is stavrosthewonderchicken, the miraculous poultry who built and administers the MFC Network sites, and a bunch of other web stuff as well. He has a minor addiction to building websites. He loves you all.