MetaFilter Nomic Game

MetaFilter Nomic Game. Please come over to MetaTalk if you are interested, it is still in the pre-larval alpha stage... get in on the ground floor of something excellent.

  1. Hmm. Since I haven’t actually stated any ironclad policies, even though this doesn’t feel quite right for GFi (more a forums thing), I will LET IT STAND.

    This time, curséd Meatbomb, you have bested me. THIS TIME.

  2. Also, I haven’t a clue what a Nomic game is, so you might want to elaborate a bit…

  3. Nomic! Nomic is a wonderful, terrible thing. I made a metafilter post about it once upon a time, back in the days before we had proper More Inside function on the blue judging by my first comment.

    It is, in brief, a game where modifying the rules of the game IS the game.

  4. Oi sorry stavros… no offense intended. I thought this was a game site, with a heavy MeFi membership crossover, so it seemed like exactly the right thing to be here. Indeed, I thought it was a platonic ideal for Gamefilter. :)

    But no worries, beyond this initial shilling I won’t mention it again here.

    Also, I haven’t a clue what a Nomic game is, so you might want to elaborate a bit…

    There are a bunch of links clarifying in the MeTa thread, stav. Sincere apologies for the non-kosherness of this.

  5. No, no it’s all good, let the streams cross and universes collide. If I didn’t think it were kosherish, I woulda deleted it! As it is, I get to shake my fist in Mock Shatnerian Rage, which I always enjoy!

  6. cortex said : It is, in brief, a game where modifying the rules of the game IS the game.


  7. Nomic WePlay group is here, courtesy of Mr Bomb.

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