1. You know what gameplay mechanic I don’t miss at all? The “one wrong move can make the game unwinnable, and oftentimes you won’t know until hours of gameplay later” one.

    Oh, you didn’t pick up the toothbrush in your house during the first 5 minutes of the game? (It’s not a house, it’s a home — FOOTNOTE 2.) Guess which item the game will require in the very last scene?

    Oh, you didn’t know that you need to feed the dog? Well, that’s going to come back and screw you over in a few hours.

    It’s a shame, cause it’s a nice game for the most part — it just has a lot of different ways to screw you over and force you to revert to an earlier save file. No one enjoys being at the very last puzzle of the game, and finding out that they have to restart the entire game to get the item they needed.

  2. I like to think Adams was making a metapoint about the random cruelty and hilarious capriciousness of the universe. Or he was just having a laugh. More the latter, probably.

  3. This is the sole game in which I don’t mind the “one wrong move makes the game unwinnnable” approach, mostly for the reasons Stav outlined above. It fits with the overall theme of the piece, rather than coming off as a ‘fuck you’ from the developers done simply for the sake of difficulty.

  4. Hothead games (of the Penny Arcade games, Deathspank & Swarm) is making something Hitchiker’s Guide related.

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