1. Also worth a read (and linked to in the PC Gamer article) is this playthrough as a psychopath, which has the lovely line that:

    I have no idea why Eidos Montreal thought I might go through a whole 90-minute mission backwards after I’d already completed it, but they accounted for the possibility.

    Now that’s polish.

  2. I was already excited to play this.. but after that article cjelli linked too… damn, sounds like they did it right.. this time.

  3. pleasedontsuckpleasedontsuckpleasedontsuck

  4. I am prepared to enjoy this video game release.

  5. Wish we didn’t have to wait until August.

  6. Has anyone replayed DX through with recent texture packs and mods? Is it a different enough experience that it won’t get boring (considering that my last play-through was ten years ago)?

  7. VanarSena said : Has anyone replayed DX through with recent texture packs and mods? Is it a different enough experience that it won’t get boring (considering that my last play-through was ten years ago)? 

    I’m of the opinion that it’s different enough from playthrough to playthrough that it’s worth replaying even without mods. If you went through stealthy the first time, do it guns-blazing this time. If you killed rather a few time on play one, swear an oath of pacifism on play two (there are almost no enemies you have to kill to proceed).

    That said, if you do want tweaks — this seems to be a decent guide to tweaking DX1’s graphics/GUI for modern systems, including a DX10 renderer (that’s directx 10, not Deus Ex 10). And this hi-definition graphics mod has a promised release of June 2011 — we’ll see if that actually happens, but it looks promising.

    In terms of gameplay changes, there’s the Shifter Mod. Haven’t tried it myself, but it purports to do some nice things — add alt-fire modes to most weapons, randomize NPC loot in some cases, enhance the enemy AI so the game stays challenging on your umpteenth playthrough.

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