1. Note: they include Battlefield Heroes, about which I admit I have some rather strong feelings.

  2. The requested URL /2011/05/03/20-free-pc-games-you-must-play/ was not found on this server.

    Did your strong feelings kill the site?

  3. It loaded (eventually) for me.

  4. Also, some of these look super engaging. Going to give OpenTTD a shot over my lunch hour.

  5. BF: Heroes was terrible.. before they ruined it even more.

  6. Sad not to see Dungeons & Dragons Online there, either, but I guess two Turbine F2Ps would be too much. Still, BF Heroes? Sheesh.

  7. mrbismarck said : Did your strong feelings kill the site?

    Story of my life.

  8. Eh… they put Battlefield Heroes on there, but not League of Legends? The communities that build up around DOTA-style games are giant sacks of spiteful writhing snakes, but damnit if Riot hasn’t done the Free-to-Play thing better than anything else I’ve seen.

  9. Text adventure games are always better for me through the haze of nostalgia. (Zork! Hitchhiker’s Guide!) When I’ve tried to fire up Interactive Fiction award winners in the last few years they don’t really hold my interest.

    But I tried Photopia yesterday because of this link and I really like it. Haven’t finished it yet, mind you, but it was an IF game that actually held my interest for longer than it took to install the interpreter (Frotz, iPhone).

  10. That encouraged me to download three games, Spelunky, Gravity Bone and Alien Swarm.

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