1. I am enthused for this. There are so many awesome-sounding small details from the full feature list, including…

    -Soldiers can surrender and possibly “rescued” by friendly units
    -A wide range of bridge types classified to include/exclude certain types of units by weight
    -Wide range of weather types and environmental effects, including rain, fog, heavy winds (with ballistic effects), different types of ground conditions, animated water effects, and more.

    I mean: heavy winds throwing off people’s aim? Wonderful.

    See also this Q&A and AAR at RPS (is that enough acronyms yet?)

  2. It does sound excellent.

    “The new improved Tactical AI ensures genuine battlefield behavior even at the smallest scale, no matter if you play a small platoon firefight scenario, or a large battalion sized engagement.”

    This is the crucial one for me. I remember playing Close Combat, I think it was II (the bridge too far one), and being blown away by the AI – routing, breaking, taking cover, being suppressed… and it is a little sad that since that game 10 years ago I have not seen anything comparable.

    Watching the last member of my squad cowering in a ditch as the enemy slowly advanced towards him… “Get yourself together, man! Rally! Courage or death, corporal, courage or death!” The poor bastard ended up shot in the back running for cover across the graveyard.

    That I would remember that moment so clearly after the 100s of hours of gaming since then speaks to the immersive value of a robust psychological model for AI.

    Why did this never catch on? These days it is “keep firing until you die” in pretty much every game I see.

  3. Huh. Didn’t the first Combat Mission already cover this ground? They’re re-doing Normandy?

    This may be a great game and I will check it out but I’m really getting tired of playing the same tiny fraction of the war over and over again. There was a lot more to the Second World War than Normandy, Market Garden, and the Bulge. It’s like if games about the Civil War were almost always about Seven Pines or New Orleans. Hey, that’s great but they weren’t the largest or most important battles and we’ve seen them a bazillion times already.

    If I have to liberate Caen one more time I’m going to cry.

  4. Heck, I’d even be happy with Kursk. It’s not the most imaginative choice but anything is better than Normandy, and I suppose the Battle of Brody is too much to ask for since a lot of people would be like “whaaaa….?” even though it is one of the largest armored battles in history.

  5. The second Combat Mission game covered the Eastern front. They’re just doing the popular US-centric stuff first, like they did the last time around. I expect they’ll get around to Soviet vs. German warfare again if this game does well enough.

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