1. It is bizarre and inexplicable in this day and age (yes, this day and this age) that digital things are ‘released’ on different days around the world. I honestly wonder what possible benefit publishers think might come from the practice, and how it could counter the raft of downsides.

    Is it malice or stupidity? I nominate malpidity! or possibly stulice.

  2. It’s inertia, which I would classify as a subset of stupidity. The best explanation I’ve heard is that brick-and-mortar stores have regular delivery and release schedules for games, the same as for everything, to maximize overall shipping efficiency. Those schedules do not currently line up across countries; making them line up would involve real costs to some stores. Digital delivery doesn’t have that issue, but doing a digital release early could (and probably would) cut into physical sales — so brick-and-mortar retailers object. Publishers are wary of dropping physical sales entirely: it’s what they (both organizationally and personally) based their business on.

    Changing release dates to match is possible, and might even be better for stores sales-wise (since a decent fraction of people are pirating games since they can’t legally purchase them yet), but changing the system would take a lot of work. Far easier to just let things stay as their are, even if the status-quo is non-optimal.

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