South Korea moves closer to banning late night gaming by minors

The South Korean parliament has taken a step toward banning children under 15 from playing online games between midnight and 6am.

The full Korean parliament must still vote on the proposal.

The proposed ban follows on the heels of a more extreme and complete ban which began in Vietnam in March and applied to all citizens, not just minors. China also recently gave parents more control over their childrens’ online gaming accounts.

  1. I can’t speak for other countries, but here in Korea, the problem that’s being addressed is almost certainly that the poor little buggers are actually stealing some time away from the 18-hour-a-day study schedule imposed on them from middle-school on, and basically required if they want to pass the all-important life-direction-setting university entrance exam and go to university. The competition is so fierce that if the kids don’t spend that much time, if the parents don’t spend upwards of $1000 per month per kid (if they can) on private lessons, unless the kid in question is gifted, they might not get in.

    No time for fun, little learning machines! There’re new grindstones being made for those little noses as we speak!

    It’s a broken system that creates drones without a creative spark and steals their childhood from them, but hey, if they end up going to school overseas, they CRUSH the other kids academically.

  2. I feel bad for the poor kids who will be without an outlet for the sort of nervous mental energy that is the effect and self-perpetuating cause of insomnia. A brain-numbing time-waster game can do a lot to get you closer to sleeping than just staring at the walls, being awake. Distraction is essential to good mental health.

  3. What stav said is so true. Trying to engage and motivate Korean kids is a nightmare, and one more reason that I provide the protip “Korea sucks, don’t go there” so frequently.

  4. Ah, Korea’s OK, though I admit I’ve been pretty lucky.

    But I’ve never taught kids here, basically, and never, god willing, will.

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