1. Woah sweet. If anyone who owns DA2 and already owns ME2 wants to shoot a download code my way, that would be awesome.

  2. It’s a pretty sweet, deal. I am oh so tempted.

  3. I wish I could do this through steam.

  4. As a matter of policy-making, if somebody’s posts a great link in a game group, it’s totally fine to promote it to the front page. People only see Spacechimp updates from a game group if they belong to it. That’s not where I saw it, because I don’t play DA II and didn’t join the group. ;-)

  5. Are there decent mods for ME2 that make it work having a Windows copy if I’ve already got the console version? I mean, free is free so I’ll probably download it anyway, but I’m curious if there’s anything I was missing.

  6. I don’t know about mods. Or DLC. Actually, I dunno much about the game, even though I’ve played what seems like far too many hours of it.

    It is one of those games that everyone loves that I feel like I ought to, but just don’t very much, though lord knows I try.

    Which is not at all helpful. Sorry.

  7. Did you not like it in comparison to the previous one?

    I liked the removal of long, pointless driving sequences from ME1, but I thought the story environments weren’t quite as varied or interesting. I wasn’t sold on the inventory simplification initially but I think it’s okay now.

    Which is actually why I really disliked DA2 in comparison to the first one: It felt like all of the things that kind of bothered me about Mass Effect 2 relative to its predecessor were quintupled for Dragon Age 2, and it didn’t have President Bartlett as the head of Cerberus to make up for it.


  8. I don’t know — I think it’s just a matter of my personal tastes. I’m not much of an RPG player at all — I just get a little bored when the shootin’ and explodin’ stops or when I’m not exploring. Listening to (or reading) endless dialogues in-game is just not something that can keep up my interest. I actually like ME2 (though I’m far from finished with it, and may never complete it at all) more than ME1 because it’s more shooty — I gave up on the first one very early on.

    But then again, I don’t really play RTS games or any of a whole bunch of other genres, either.

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