1. this is fun. Now your thinking in perspectives!

  2. This is very interesting!

  3. I got stuck like three platforms in. I will have to try this again, because I like the concept, but, man. It’s rough not getting one of the early ideas in a “learn the ideas” sort of situation.

  4. It’s interesting, and a pretty neat concept, but it was just too frustrating for me to keep playing for long. It took me far too long to figure out that if there were two islands on top of each other, and you rotate, you’re always on the one that was closest to the camera when you started. (To be honest, I’m still not 100% sure that’s accurate, but it seemed to be how it worked.) I kept thinking that “Well, I’ve taken two steps, then rotated 90 degrees, so I should be two steps back from the edge.” And that’s not how it works.

    Still, it’s a really neat puzzle mechanic — it just needs a bit more in-game explanation of how the rotation mechanic works.

  5. Neat idea. I saw a preview of this concept implemented in a much less cartoony and much more awesomey way in a trailer for…..some damn indie game…..somewhere….on the interwebz…..

    I’ll try to track that one down.

  6. Oh right, it was Fez. Teaser and 2nd trailer. Coming later this year.

    (and yeah, not really that much less cartoony, but cartoony in a different way)

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