Ghost Town in Space Gets Bots

Futuremark's 2009 zero-gravity space shooter Shattered Horizon has had a hard time keeping its online community going because of high system requirements and a small server list populated by really good players.

Despite this, the developers continued to add things like 4 free DLC maps, 8 new weapons, and numerous performance improvements and bugfixes. Despite their continued efforts, the online server list still reads mostly empty, which is why Futuremark has released the latest patch, adding bot support for all gametypes, as well as a new game mode called Last Stand, which features a team of 4 holding off waves of AI enemies.

  1. If this means I can fire it up localserver and practice with bots, it might be time for another look. The only reason I didn’t really get into it, I think, was that every time I tiptoed onto a Real Server, I died instantly. Then again. Then again. Then again. Then again. Then I gave up and went back to TF2.

  2. I really wanted this to be a slow-paced, tactical, thinking-person’s FPS. A lot of the previews emphasized features that would play to this — true 3D movement, so more angles to think about! Being able to stealth by powering down your suit — at the cost of losing your HUD and radar. Only having one gun — none of that rock/paper/scissors class-based nonsense. Just you in the cold depths of space playing cat-and-mouse with a dozen men bent on your death. Fun!

    But then, in practice, it turned out to rather twitch-based and involved an awfully lot of spawn-die, spawn-die, spawn-die. I’m not sure if “more weapons” is going to fix that.

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