secuROM snuck into DA2?

Despite previously stating that secuROM would not be included, it appears that EA has gone ahead and put it in Dragon Age 2. And failed to disclose doing so.

DA2 has been given an “unacceptable” rating by consumer rights advocate Reclaim Your Game. They note that secuROM is not included in the EULA, that files are hidden from the user, and that secuROM files remain even after the game is uninstalled.

(the entire Reclaim Your Game site is down as of this posting – linking here for reference when it comes back up)

EA has been sued in the past for its use of secuROM in Spore and The Sims 2.

  1. According to BioWare that’s not full secuROM but a Sony release control that is similar to secuROM. It kept people who caught a leaked version of the game from playing it before the release date, a rather harmless way to decrease demand for pirated copies. I’m weary of DRM, but I wouldn’t not buy the game because of it.

  2. TheDevilTesla said : I’m weary of DRM, but I wouldn’t not buy the game because of it.

    I don’t really have a problem with securerom, but I have and would avoid buying a game because of starforce which reportedly causes all sorts of issues (including disc corruption).

  3. I don’t really have a problem with secureROM per se, but I do have a problem with companies claiming to be DRM-free or misrepresenting the DRM in a product. I think the jury’s still out on what exactly is in DA2. I’m curious to see how EA responds.

  4. They keep doing this and cracks keep coming out the day of.

  5. From here: BioWare Live Team Technical Producer Derek “CrushBug” French made a couple of posts to our forums that discuss the matter. He says:

    “Sorry, but there is some confusion on this. We use Sony Release Control which shares some functionality with other Sony products (SecuROM), but we do not use SecuROM for the DRM. Once the Sony Release Control check is passed, Release Control self-destructs, removing the Release Control wrapper and it is never used again. Game updates will not use Release Control because obviously the release date is passed. Additionally, installing the game and then any future game patch will also remove the Sony Release Control check and it will never run on your computer.”

    When asked about a running SecuROM process, he said: “There is no running process once it unwraps and self-destructs.” In reply to a question about registry entries, he replies: “An inert registry entry that does nothing.” Finally, when asked about files remaining on users’ hard drives, he explains: “In a temp folder that is never referenced again. This part is sloppy and should be cleaned up, though. We will see about doing that in a patch.”

  6. That explanation sounds an awful lot like rebranding. “Oh, people don’t like SecuROM? Must be the name – let’s roll out a system that does many similar things but uses a different name.”

  7. I imagine engineers who know what useless, customer-punishing bullshit DRM mostly is (I insert mostly, because Steam actually makes it palatable) fighting with the suits, and an uneasy compromise as described above being reached. Except they forgot to tell the customers. Whoops.

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