1. Great stuff! I can’t imagine where you got this, it’s really fantastic.


  2. This is really golden. Having just started playing a lot of LoL, I’ve seen a lot of some of this behavior (mostly leavers and people who afk when losing). Nice to see that Riot really is paying attention to these problems.

  3. I could read Why Was I Banned? all day.

  4. I’d be interested to know how these players first drew the attention of mods – it seems like they were banned at least in part for using racist language. I wonder if those who leave and go afk when losing still get banned if they are not being ignorant turds.

  5. (my comment was in reference to the LoL link)

  6. I’m confused by some of the banning explanations from Why Was I Banned? Namely, things like this — ‘banned for changing avatar color.’ Never having used XBox Live — why is that a bannable offense? (and for that matter, an offense at all)

  7. cjelli- I think it has to do with using colors that aren’t available with the avatar creation tools. You can install hacks that let you use colors and images not available otherwise, perhaps hinting that you are using mods to cheat or pirate games. I might be wrong though, I just play xbox at my buddie’s place.

  8. I’d also imagine that if you can change the color of your avatar, you could change it in other ways too, either by making it inappropriate, or by adding custom outfits that you didn’t buy from the XBox store. But as kittens said, the main reason is probably just “Any modding is against the rules, and if they modded this, they might be modding other things.”

  9. That’s a really shitty way to treat XBL users who just want a cool looking avatar. I do appreciate their approach to foul language though. I don’t care about four letter words (I rather like ’em, in fact) but I’m glad there’s a policy against racist, homophobic and misogynistic language.

  10. Ha, “Why Was I Banned?” is great.

  11. The quotes around “violated my rights” make my mind wander to all the things that “violated my rights” might actually mean.

    None of them are pretty.

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