Gabe Newell's Steam username: His password: moolyftw. He invites you to try steal his cookies account. But thanks to the new security measures introduced today, he's pretty sure you can't.

I’m conflicted. Although Steam is the poster boy for DRM done right, the coming DRM tools being baked into new Intel hardware seem to me like a harbinger of a world where not only do we not have the right to do what we like with software we pay for, we don’t have full control over the hardware either.

  1. This generally reminds me of the CEO of the the identity protection service LifeLock putting his SSN on the sides of trucks as advertising, only to have his identity stolen and used for a variety of loans, credit cards, and other various purchases. And then the company got fined $12M by the FTC for false advertising.

    The difference being that Gabe Newell isn’t such a cocky asshole and also the only place that id and password are useful is through Steam, which Valve can self-regulate.

  2. Well, someone tried to hijack my account this morning. This works, highly suggest it for anyone on steam.

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