1. As a Sim City expert, I can tell you that things function much more smoothly if taxes are low and city government caters to corporate interests.

    I suspect that when real mayors do this, things function more smoothly for them, too.

  2. Because we play games to win them, and to be entertained. The first is dependent on an algorithm determines by the game’s makers, the second is dependent on how fun an action is. But just because an action is fun in a game doesn’t make it right.

    We also play games to have control, to make a difference, to be told a story, whether it be turning the tide of war or managing your Sim family. A ideal land where conflict is resolved peacefully lacks these unique stories, which is why we don’t see too many utopian video games. We see war-torn battlefields and dystopian totalitarian states.

    A Sims family with no children doesn’t allow the user to continue playing once the current generation dies off (unless they make a new family). Not having kids in the game cuts the user off of a huge portion of the gameplay. It is less complicated (in all ways but financially) to have one parent at home with the kids. I don’t think any 2-working-parent household would argue with that. But that doesn’t make it inherently more right or wrong, it just means that it’s also going to be the more fun path people go down when they play the game. They can be the working spouse and the stay-at-home spouse. They don’t have to choose.

  3. I dunno, I tend to play many games somewhat liberal-style, at least at first. For example, I just played my first game of Civ V* (cause of the Steam sale) and even though I was Rome my sole act of imperial aggression was to conquer a city-state for another city-state (which caused a whole bunch of shit later) and in the end I wound up adopting socialism and going into space.

    Also in Dwarf Fortress I don’t kill the elves, the city-elf rogue I played in Dragon Age sided with Bhelen out of class consciousness, and the first faction I won R:TW with was the more-or-less liberal Greeks, again trying to be honorable about war (except at the very beginning – gotta jump the Scipii; everyone just hated me though)

    *as a Civ IV fan I was pretty skeptical, and there are some wrong things about Civ V, but my first game of Civ V played out just about identically to my first game of Civ IV: one-generation tech advantage, massive medieval war, space-race win with about 75 years of clicking “next turn” at the very end, spaceship launches at 1945 or so b/c I didn’t know what I’d need for it. I found this similarity pretty funny.

  4. When I play Galactic Civilizations 2, my victories are pretty split between all the different victory conditions. And really, my playstyle depends a bit on who I choose. Sometimes it’s fun to try and be relatively peaceful and shoot for a technological victory, but sometimes it’s also fun to play as the Drengi and massacre your enemies with your economy built on labor from the slave pits. That’s the thing with games — they let you do things that you wouldn’t normally do in real life.

    It might be interesting to try sometime to play as a pacifist. I’d have to build up a pretty strong army (and then never use it) to prevent the Drengi and the other aggressive races from trying to roll over me, especially because their diplomatic attitude is based on whether or not they have the ability to kick my ass. But I could probably just try to build up a strong trading empire, make a ton of money, and buy my way out of problems. I could take new planets with cultural flips, and I could either win culturally or technologically. Diplomatic’s probably out, because there’d be no way to keep my allies from fighting. Still, it might be interesting to try.

  5. You know what I’d like? A game that takes the whole concept of civic infrastructure management as a core mechanic, ala SimCity, and then puts it in a tightly bound competitive/collaborative multiplayer context. Each player being responsible for a discrete but not dissociated chunk of a municipal region, say — a tri-city area, or the different chunks of a metro region.

    Because it’s one thing to try and find a balance of tax initiatives, bonds, transit infrastructure, emergency services, etc. when it’s you as the hand of God Mayor vs. a simulated populace that expects you to solve all their problems and abdicates to you all responsibility. It’s another thing entirely when you have to deal with the demands of the constituency next door and whoever is in charge of their neighborhood, and you have to negotiate with another human who has their own self-interest and constituency-management issues to consider, and the new sewage treatment plant has to go SOMEWHERE.

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