Fox, Derper: Shotgun

Rock Paper Shotgun Versus Fox News: Round Two In which the idiots at Fox News continue to be idiots, and a losing battle is bravely fought.

There is a larger discussion to be had, of course, about whether ultraviolence in games like Bulletstorm is something about which our culture should be concerned. Television news in general and Fox News in particular aren’t actually interested in having that discussion, though. Still, go RPS!

  1. I really don’t know how to follow that up besides… good job RPS. That “reporter” should be ashamed of themselves. Brandon is guilty of hiding an editorial opinion piece behind a pretty weak facade of journalism.

  2. I’m always torn on the topic of Fox News. Do I ignore it and maybe it will go away? Or do I fight that fight? Proud of RPS for having the balls to give it a go though.

  3. Somewhere during this ordeal I think I decided to buy this game, hope it’s not crap!

  4. Failing that, hopefully it’s entertaining crap!

  5. The sad thing is that the people who actually use Fox News as their main source of news aren’t ever going to see this article, so they’ll never find out the actual facts of the situation. Still, I’m always glad to see anyone take a stand for calm, reasoned, fact-based reporting. Kudos to RPS for standing up to say that facts are important.

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