Zombie Unpocalypse

If you only play one post-apocalyptic town-rebuilding municipal zombie management flash game for a lot longer than you expected to, make sure it's Rebuild, which is totally charming.

It’s also pretty simple, and playing through on normal I found that I wasn’t really doubtful that I had everything tied up by the time I’d scraped together about a third of the map; the latter part of the game is pretty much just a steamroller once you’ve got some resources in hand, which is my only real complaint. I find myself wishing this basic idea were taken a little farther and in some format other than flash, because as an approach to both zombies and resource management it has a lot of charm and seems like a natural fit for the mechanics.

  1. Seems like “normal” is “easy”, I’ll have to try it on a higher difficulty. Still, I really like the turn-based nature and the forward planning required; at one point I sent my leader on a mission to make a bar or something and then lost a bunch of guys, but had to wait until the leader was done to recruit more survivors. I’ll have to try building a school at some point. In my game, I have like 6 teachers, who without a school are basically useless but a school is necessary to retrain them, I think. Is there a way to know when a zombie attack is imminent or is it just gut feel or something? I have thus far managed to pump my fort defenses at the right times, but just because I had spare soldiers and it seemed like I hadn’t had an attack in a while.

  2. Was anyone else amazed that this was her first game? Pretty great for a first try. It has some wonks (The end game is kind of grueling- When you own that much territory it becomes a game of endless clicking as you inevitably advance towards victory), but it’s exactly the kind of thing I like.

  3. I found four winning scenarios. Anybody know if that’s all of them?

  4. I just spent like 3 hours playing this tonight. So addictive.

    I almost hate those games that get me feeling like they’re pointless. Because then I can’t help think that, well, all games are pointless. Then I get kind of down until I play something else.

  5. A great little game.

    I hope they keep updating and adding features.

  6. I only got three endings. :(

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