1. I have a sort of inherent distrust of boardgames I can purchase at my grocery store, so the Scene It? folks being behind this makes me nervous, like finding out that your favorite literary classic is being turned into a film by Michael Bay. That said, PvZ is a nice clean concept and I don’t see why a board game couldn’t be done right, so I’ve got high hopes for this.

  2. This at least makes some modicum of sense as a board game. I still don’t understand how the table-top Angry Birds is going to work.

  3. I probably can’t say too much, but we’re excited about this project, and by “we” I mean those of us who would like to do more “gamey” games in addition to our staple light trivia (although trivia is great too, please don’t shock me anymore bossman). I hope you will not think we have Bay’d it up, but I will accept your scorn if we do.

  4. No, no, my cruel snobbery aside I’m genuinely interested to see what comes of it and will happily get over myself for the purposes in favor of being supportive. That’s awesome that a mefi person is involved, if you’re able to talk at all about the process of getting it made that be very neat.

  5. Well, I can tell you what we’re not doing:

    – A harrowing journey through the mind of a new buckethead, who must resolve his fading love of butter with his unslakeable thirst for chlorophyll. A zombie he must be, lest a zombie he become.

    – Players take turns wearing zombie masks and charging their friends, who must prevent their advance by hurling snowpea beanbags at their heads.

    – Zombie trivia.

    I only made one of those up. Try and guess which one!

    More seriously, I’ve been in on design from the beginning, as one of the resident tabletop nerds. We originally created this intricate euro-style resource management and point defense design, with staggered victory point zones and enemy/resource interplay ala BSG. I still hope we’ll find a good fit for that design, it was awesome.

    Two problems: it took a couple hours to play, and there wasn’t much interaction between players. The first is annoying unless you’re a nerd like me; the second is a killer. If you’re playing PvZ on your phone while you’re waiting for me to finish my turn, we’ve failed. Most people who are interested in this game already have single player PvZ; our challenge is to create a simple (meaning short duration) but deep multiplayer game that emphasizes personal interaction. Our metier is social gaming, which occurs when people have to deal with each other. Hopefully we’re balancing our way towards that.

    But, be honest, you’d play Zombie: the Bucketing, cause that sounds rad.

  6. So is the bean-bag idea up for grabs, then?

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