1. I’m assuming it will have the same DRM that Assassin’s Creed 2 now does, versus the DRM AC2 was released with. It better, anyways.

    It’s funny how much time is spent just getting the thing to support the multi-screen setups that about 1% of the market actually wants and can afford. That’s not to say a lot of us don’t have multiple monitor setups, but most of us have a real hodgepodge of new and old monitors of varying sizes that aren’t really ideal or even functional for things like Eyefinity, since it requires monitors with the same resolution AFAIK.

  2. Finally, I have been replaying the old ones in anticipation of this announcement.

  3. AC:B is a surprisingly good game. What I thought would be a quick knock-off of an expansion pack for ACII turned out to be a much better game, IMO. And don’t get me started on the multiplayer! Sneaky sneaky stabby stabby. The most fun I’ve ever had in any Xbox Live multiplayer game.

  4. I am really, really looking forward to AC: B for PC. Just insanely happy at the thought, and desperately want to play the multiplayer. Thus the post. (I even set up a Google Alert for this very subject.)

    I am still refusing to pre-order until I hear about DRM. I am fine with the “new” DRM, but unhappy at the thought of the “old” DRM.

    Jaunty: I really don’t know if the delay was BECAUSE of these pointless upgrades, or if the pointless upgrades are a bone to throw because the delay was so long. “Well, since decision X is holding up release so almost six months, let’s work on graphical improvements until decision X is realized…”

  5. UPDATE: Ubisoft has correct the release date from March 18th to March 22nd. They also have announced a DLC for the console versions called The Da Vinci Disappearance but refused to say anything yet about the PC release, leading people to believe it either a) is not coming out for PC. b) will be released bundled with the PC version.

  6. Assassins Creed has filled the ludicrous-and-convoluted-story hole in my life left by the end of LOST. Oh and they play well too *thumbs up*

  7. jauntyfedora said : b) will be released bundled with the PC version.

    What also makes people think that was the fact that the PC version of II also came with stuff that was sold as DLC in the console versions. I think it’s less likely that it’ll happen this time, the DLC added into the II was very obviously stuff that was planned for the game that they couldn’t finish on time and I don’t think that is the case with the new stuff. Still, I hope we get it in any case.

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