1. haha, awesome game. Took me 56 turns. Can’t go wrong with 50 Madonna and 50 M.J.

  2. God, I love games with a trading mechanic. I know Ruby and I’m in a game design course, so I guess I should probably try making a free market engine, but then I’d have to read about economics… And then I’d know how the sausage is made…

  3. One of the little things I really liked about the old Scorched Earth (which still, to this day, no one seems to have made a note-perfect clone of that keeps the game the same but updates the goddam code to work well on modern boxes with online play, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM, THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A THING TO DO) was the option to have market-driven prices for weapons from round to round. Weapons that seemed kind of shit in an all-else-equal situation suddenly became interesting once the comparative price of the good stuff skyrocketed in the face of heavy demand. Loved that.

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