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You Don't Know Jack was first released in 1995, and featured adult humor combined with pop-culture trivia questions. The game was a success and spawned several sequels. There was even a short-lived TV gameshow version starring Paul Reubens. This week, the latest installment was released -- the first since 2007 (or 2003, if you don't count the Flash version from their website). Though, there's been a bit of confusion about the multiplayer options for the Steam version.

  1. Is it wrong that my favorite part from that video was the question number jingles?

  2. I was so excited at the idea of 4-player games of this with Mefighters over Steam, all miked up and tanked up. So much hilarity would inevitably ensued.

    And so disappointed that it ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Yeah, the YDKJ Devs make me want to scream. 2 players only? No online multi? My god, how great this COULD HAVE been.

  4. I hadn’t even thought of playing multiplayer online when I first heard of the game, so my reaction was “cool, but I’ll probably never get that.” because I don’t really make much use of party games. Online multiplayer would have been very nice.

    YDKJ was a fun party game, though, so I’m glad they’re bringing it back.

  5. Holy shit, there was a Reubens-hosted TV show? My mind is melting.

    I remember playing the shit out of YDKJ for a couple weeks back in the 20th century, everybody crowded around the keyboard and yelling at each other. I had those goddam jingles memorized.

  6. Yeah, I played the first one to death, and was planning to pick the new one up, but the lack of 4-player support and the lack of online multiplayer dropped it down from my “Buy on release week” list to the “Wait for a good steam sale” list.

  7. I know online is much more convenient, but there was something great about the original having 2-4 people huddled around a keyboard.

    Still, people should have the online option.

  8. I’d settle for them just allowing more than 2 people to play at the same computer. I was planning to pick it up for game nights, but if it only supports 2 players, then it’s not very good for that.

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