1. I bought this game around Christmas, I think I was drunk. The graphics take a little while to get used to (ok, its a little bit ugly), but if you have fun playing with class combinations, you’ll see a pretty cool game. Hits the diablo-nerd notes. Rushes you along sometime “The Goblins in Level 5 are getting anxious” Oh Yeah, that guy “Din” that cursed you, well, he’s the 40 foot tall normal looking dude in the town.

  2. I’ve got this weird hesitance to crack into a Diablo clone that doesn’t look just spit-and-polish perfect, which is probably unfair but, well, realistically speaking the actual moment-to-moment gameplay of this genre is pretty tinkertoys and so I kind of want everything about the presentation to so completely knock my socks off that I don’t think about that.

    My bad feeling watching the video is that it’s functional and well put together but lacks that slickness in execution that I’d want; the random quest idea sounds compelling in theory but in practice I have to wonder if it’s actually any more interesting than exchanging the typical “go kill x kobolds” with “go kill x [context-specific monsters]”.

  3. I know what you mean about the polish – the look is a little rough and I had an issue with that myself for a while.

    The random quest thing does go a bit deeper than kill x of y, (though that’s involved), because NPC’s can be killed, (you want to buy weapons? You probably shouldn’t have let that guy get killed then), monsters will plot and, if you don’t deal with it other monsters will spin off plans from that first result and it’s even very possible to lose the town.

    My last game I spent ages trying to track down which monster was poisoning the water in town, only to find out it was one of the town members themselves. I killed the guy I was that angry, (you can give them a second chance), and then the next quest I got cursed and the only person who could have lifted the curse… yeah.

    There’s a demo out there to try. It might be too difficult to get by the look, compared to Diablo, but it’s free to find out.

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