1. It would be useful if we could call this an example of rampant misogyny in the gamer community – it certainly exists and is more widespread than one would like (i.e. at all) – but that’s not really it. These jerkwads, emboldened by the anonymity and lack of consequence that informs the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory, will batten on anything they can in their desire to hammer and beat down anyone they take issue with. If you’re a woman, if you’re black, white, gay, straight, foreign… it doesn’t matter. Their blind aggression will fall upon anything they think will most affect their targets.

    They’re everywhere and they suck, but they don’t hate women in particular.

  2. The ones that involve women? Selective filter accumulates selective data. I’ll be more shocked at a message insinuating their lack of masculinity for being a Orioles fan.

  3. This is pretty awful, but it’s good that there is some kind of pushback out there. It also goes a good way towards explaining why, without Mefight Club as a safe haven from the stupid out there, I would not be playing games online at all, just as I’d given up on it before we started MFC.

  4. It’s not just misogyny, teen-age boys are filled with awkward rage and hate everything.

    But in the age of voice-chat sex is the easiest thing to pick-up on and attack/perv on.

  5. I’ve been playing online games for 11+ years. I consider myself lucky that I’ve never had this kind of vitriol aimed at me. And yes, I always play female toons.

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