1. Oh! This is rather good — worth putting up with some of the more annoying levels (traveling-through-space-level, I’m looking at you) to see where the game goes. It has some surprisingly nice twists for so simple a premise.

  2. At first I read that as “Ever wanted to destroy a blogosphere,” and I got really excited.

  3. I’ve been feeling a little spiteful lately, and while this game was pretty awesome and had a nice “EVERYTHING SHOULD DIE” theme, I’d rather have a game that takes advantage of the Kessler effect. Attack satellites with meteors or hack their trusters so they ram into each other, exploding. Those explosions have chain effects, destroying other satellites. Eventually, the earth has a huge shell of shrapnel keeping humans on the rock, with pretty restricted communications (yes, the intercontinental fiber lines are an issue, but they can only hold so much data). Then, once the debris starts to glob together, use it like a Katamari to scoop up the first new satellites and spacefaring missions humans dare to try.

    Also, Axe effect? Disappoint.

  4. But seriously, A+++. Only regret is that it doesn’t have enough levels. Or a level where you take on the Starship Enterprise.

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