1. In November 2013, I appeared on Charlie Brooker’s documentary How Video Games Changed the World. We’d been putting Zac through a number of tests and meetings with pediatricians, trying to work out if his array of behavoural difficulties aligned with autism

    I think when I went on that programme, it was at a sort of pivotal moment. I knew Zac better, I understood him a little. He was telling us more. Minecraft seemed to have given him both a vocabulary and the confidence to use it. So when the documentary producer asked me about that game, I just gushed; I talked about how it was being used in schools to help teach kids everything from physics to architecture, but most of all I talked about how it created a safe and creative space for a lot of children who may struggle to find safe and creative spaces elsewhere. “I’d love to shake the hand of the guy who designed that game,” I said. I think the emotion behind that sentiment was palpable on screen. And then they stopped filming, and I suppose I was crying a little bit.

    Markus Persson had one chance to change my son’s life and he took it. He didn’t know it, but that’s what he did. He will always be a goddam hero to me.


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