1. Oh, man. I love that GalCiv 2 article. The day after I first read it, I went out and bought the game, cause it just sounded so fun.

  2. Ok, Scotsman in Egypt is pretty good, but when it comes to SA Let’s Play Total War AARs, Porkness far exceeded himself with Brian Blessed: Total War, the best narrative AAR I’ve read thus far. If you’ve never played Total War, read this (it’s excellently written and weaves a sweeping narrative around the Greek City States, featuring Pyrrhus [he of the Pyrrhic victory]) to find out why the series is so great. Those MeFights who have become obsessed with Empire, READ THIS! These kinds of battles, this kind of open-ended character development, are why I was disappointed by Empire and am still in love with Rome and Medieval II.

    Anyways, I really, really, enjoy AARs, both for games I’m deeply familiar with (Total War series) and those I would never play in a million years (EVE Online, Dwarf Fortress).

  3. EVE can produce some spectacular stories, not least from the Goons. I dallied in the game, but it’s one of those where it seems a lot more fun to read about than to play.

    The Chans have a decent Sims story too, but I’m not linking people in there…

  4. I love this stuff. If anyone wants more to read, there’s always the Let’s Play Archive — all stuff originally posted on the SA forums (and from whence the Animal Crossing story above comes). If you’re of more of a historical bent, Paradox Interactive run their own AAR forums for most of their sim games: Europa Universalis 3, Hearts of Iron 3, Victoria 2, Rome, and a few others.

  5. My favorite Let’s Play: Drakengard.


    No…that is not a typo…that is not hyperbole…that is Drakengard… That is a forty-nine sequence of button presses that come out non-stop for thirty seconds and must be hit flawlessly or it’s back to the very beginning of the entire mission.

    More entertaining than playing the actual game.

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