1. Half-Life really needs a movie adaption. Done right, of course. (And Episode III! God damn it, Duke Nukem Forever will be out before Episode III!!!)

  2. It’s well done enough that I find myself judging it on the harsher criteria of a professional product, which is saying something so good on them. It was really nicely put together in general.

    That said, the whole tete-a-tete thing with the columbine dude? I’m pretty sure the Half-Life universe doesn’t house a lot of needlessly drawn out martial-arts-flick showpiece clashes like that. That scene could have been about ten seconds long, a couple punches, a lost weapon, a crushed knee and a crowbar grasped and put upside a head. Just, eesh, distracting as is.

    Also, dude. Chuck the grenade. Center of the group. Don’t be a dingus.

  3. For my next trick, I will suck the joy out of a litter of puppies.

  4. Yeah, I liked this quite a bit. Definitely impressive enough to garner real criticism. Fortunately, I’m no movie critic, so I’ll just go with: “I liked this quite a bit.” :-)

  5. Oh, and FWIW, I kinda agree that the ninja stuff seemed a little odd. As for dropping the grenade, if he threw it, they’d’ve’d (they would have had) to make it longer. Though I suppose they could have given it an ambiguous ending, too.

  6. cortex said : That said, the whole tete-a-tete thing with the columbine dude?

    Er, Combine, I think. Heh. No trenchcoats in evidence.

    Yeah, somebody watched The Matrix a few times too many, sure. Many nits could be picked with the thing, but I remain very much impressed. I get what you’re saying about it being good enough to be inclined to judge it as a piece of professional work rather than cutting it instant slack because it’s fan-made, and I agree, but I’ve seen worse stuff barfed out of the Hollywood turd-wills. A lot.

    Would I have written something a little less juvenile? Sure. But I reckon the thing just looks fantastic.

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