Escape from Endor? One of the Ewok movies. I was an extra. I actually was hunting Ewoks.

Steve continues, "The other thing that was really innovative in Maniac Mansion was the fact that you were controlling three different characters and switching back and forth, which was something I'd never seen before."

"That was an insane thing to try to do," says Ron.

"And it was great," says Steve.

Pete Langston jokes, "It's something that Grand Theft Auto has only now discovered."

USGamer interviews a bunch of Lucasarts guys about the good 'ole days.

  1. For someone so immersed in gaming, I am a terrible gamer in terms of my breadth of experience. I mean I’ve been playing games on computers since the late 1970s, when I was writing them in BASIC myself on my TRS-80 Model III, but there are so many classics of the genre (because I kind of stopped gaming, mostly, for a couple of intervening decades) that I’ve never played, including the LucasArts games.

    That’s right, I never played any of the old LucasArts games (except Full Throttle, for about half an hour, back in the day, as I recall). I HAVE DISHONORED MEFIGHTCLUB.

  2. I’ve not played most of the ones mentioned in that article because the titles they’re talking about are basically everything leading up to SCUMM engine and I feel probably “before my time”(?). I did play Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, & Grim Fandango. I was a Sierra (which in hindsight, aside from the rpg trappings of the quest for glory series are probably objectively worse) kid growing up so I didn’t get around to Monkey Island and MI2 “as they came out,” but managed to find my way to them before they got the up-rez/rerelease treatment.

    I never got around to Zack McKraken or Maniac mansion although I do remember fiddling around with them on display computers in the store.

    The Labyrinth movie game, Loom and The Dig I’ve never touched at all.

    The Eidolon and Koronis Rift I’d never heard of, though I do vaguely remember seeing ads or magazine articles for Ballblazer and Rescue on Fractalus.

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