Tale of Tales (developers of Luxuria Superbia, The Path, Bientôt l’été, etc. ) are kickstarting their next title, Sunset a narrative-driven first-person videogame set against the backdrop of violent revolution in a fictional South American city in the early 1970s.

Tale of Tales are Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn. For old school arty web heads, they are responsible for

For Sunset, they are joined by:
Kris Force doing sound
Austin Wintory (of Journey fame) doing music
Leigh Alexander & Ste Curran (of, among other things, Gamasutra and One Life Left, respectively) consulting on Project Direction
A mystery, anonymous Señor X helping out with writing.
Theresa Schlag and Niklas Roth doing modeling and textures
and the voice of Tina Marie Murray as the protagonist Angela Burnes.

A promotional site for Sunset, Anchurian Air.
The tumblr where they collect bits and pieces they’re drawing on for inspiration for Sunset.

  1. Q & A at gamasutra

    We’ve never invented a story before. All of our games have been based on existing stories. This is a new one and a new experience for us.

    We really need (Leigh & Ste’s) sanity and experience because as designers we easily follow paths that lead far away from things that people understand and enjoy when playing a game. Basically to keep it from becoming too much of an “opaque artsy fiasco”, something we have been criticized for in the past

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