1. I’m gonna be that guy and note that sneakybastards is tainted by association with this guy (also)

    So I’m not just shitting on the post, here’s Robert Yang’s take on Thief 4 (well, partially).

  2. Well, that’s OK. I don’t tend to follow controversy in terms of personalities, I just link to things I think people might find interesting.

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘tainted by association’, though — could you offer some background there?

    Also, although they do seem to be pointing at a sexist attitude on the part of the tweeter you link to, I’m not sure I understand what either of those tweets mean (although I admit I tend to just get a loud squealing noise in my ears on those rare occasions I visit twitter at all, because I basically don’t get the connections between all the contextless blurts of text, so that doesn’t help) or how they relate to that Sneaky Bastards site…

  3. All of this is not to say anything about the quality of the ideas or writing in the pieces you linked, but that one guy Suibriel is one third of the sneakybastards team. I haven’t got a lot of time for supporting a site that’s one third run by a guy who
    a) feels “great” about the fact that the only only female character in Ground Zeroes has a bomb in her vagina
    b) characterizes anyone who doesn’t feel likewise about it as overreacting to dumb shit
    c) characterizes someone who has the approval of Feminist Frequency as therefore being “lost”

  4. I thought the OP was interesting, but I appreciate the heads-up on Suibriel. Thanks juv3nal.

  5. Got it (although I’m going to have to google feminist frequency, let alone the abbreviation used in the tweets)!

    In terms of support, well, that’s a tricky one that’s been knocked about at MeFi a lot over the years. Does linking to a site imply support of it? I guess it helps raise visibility and maybe some google juice, so there’s that. But if a conversation like this is attached to a link to the site, pointing out some less than savory aspects that weren’t evident at all to most people before the conversation happened, then it’s maybe a net positive in the end…

  6. Oh you guys.

    For THIEF DESIGN STUFF sans an association that causes a stink, look no further than errant signal.

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