Code Hunt

Code Hunt is 'an educational, browser-based coding game' from Microsoft where you can choose what language to work with from a choice of two, C# and Java, and slowly work through fixing and changing increasingly complex chunks of code.

Users are scored on the elegance of their code, with functional but ugly code scoring lower than a more aesthetic solution.

“We built Code Hunt to take advantage of the fact that any task can be more effective and sustainable when it’s fun. And Code Hunt is fun! It uses puzzles, which players explore by means of clues presented as test cases. Players iteratively modify their code to match the functional behavior of secret solutions.”

“Once their code matches, lights flash and sounds play, letting players know that they have ‘captured’ the code. Players then get a score, which depends on how elegant their solution is, and are encouraged to move on to the next puzzle or level.”

  1. An ok idea, I guess, but in the early stages at least it’s way too much “guess the arithmetic formula in a situation where we’re not showing you a representative set of expected results”.

  2. juv3nal is right, this thing seems good (for me, perpetual beginner) but it’s buggy in implementation. I think I figured out 01.06 for the values given at the level’s beginning but then it changes the input values for X after the code is run and claims I failed — even when the code takes the spontaneous value into effect.

  3. I now realize that the case is *exactly* as juv3nal stated. The table of expected results are dispensed singularly when the code fails to perform. Seems a bit ‘dirty pool’ to me.

  4. Wasn’t there another game awhile back that taught java? And it was in 3D? They were still working on it at the time iirc, wonder what happened.

  5. Wasn’t there another game awhile back that taught java? And it was in 3D? They were still working on it at the time iirc, wonder what happened.

    I think you’re talking about Code Hero which basically folded after spending all their money.

    Other coding games:
    Execute which is javascript.

    Quadrilateral Cowboy
    (not out yet)
    Doublefine’s Hack ‘n Slash which is currently in early access (seems more about variable manipulation and wiring up lego style logic rather than writing lines of code).
    Glitchspace, another thing in early access which also seems less about explicitly writing out code.

  6. Looks like it’s still in development, though slow as molasses development. The beta they released in December’s publicly available on that page.

    Didn’t know about any of those others, thanks!

  7. Oh just remembered another one, but don’t know the development status on it as they seem to have been quiet for a while.

  8. Ohhhhhhh that looks very interesting, and it seems they are still hard at work on it. 10 hours ago

    Have Execute (Untrusted) on the to-do list. Did the first couple of levels, probably won’t make it to the finish as I only know a tiny bit of C++ and I’m vewwwy rusty.

  9. Oh, there’s lots more here.

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