Weekly Games Giveaway

Do you love games? Of course you do, or you wouldn't be here! I love games too, and I love giving stuff away, so I'm happy to announce a weekly contest where you (yes, you!) can win games just by participating here at Gamefilter.

Update: Week #1 Winner announced!
Update: Week #2 Winner to the white courtesy phone!
Update: Week #3 Slightly belated winner announced below!
Update: Week #4 Prizes gone done been given!
Update #5: In which I am disappoint, son.

Here’s how it works — starting next weekend, and for successive weekends for the next couple of months, I’m going to choose one random contributing Gamefilter user to receive one or more games (the first prize package will be 4 count ’em 4 great games) as a thank-you gift for helping to make the site a going concern. All you need to do to enter the drawing is to make a post or posts to the front page during the preceding week.

If you’re not a GFi member yet, you can absolutely sign up to take part, and I hope you’ll stick around after the giveaway is over.

This is not an invitation to spam the front page with low-quality content — please do post links to interesting content, not just the latest news item that’s on every other gaming site out there — but please, do post! Making more (good quality) posts means you have more chances to win, so get out there and look for some interesting stuff to share with the world.

Week #1 begins on Saturday, May 17 2014, and I’ll announce the first winner and the games they’ll receive one week later.

The splendid and marvelous games prizes I’m offering come via the good people at The Humble Bundle, and the money I’m spending on them is going to charity, so everybody wins. Especially you, hopefully. In most if not all cases you’ll need Steam installed to redeem the game prizes. If you already own the games you win, you’ll be able to gift them to someone else who doesn’t (in most cases as a package).

Have fun, my friends and: share and enjoy.

  1. 48 hours posting time left for the Week #1 Giveaway, friends and neighbours! I’ll be announcing the Lucky Winner Saturday morning (May 24) Korea time / Friday evening North America time.

  2. Week #1 has come to a end, with lots of groovy links shared. I’ve chosen at random amongst the GFi users who posted to the front page (and who weren’t me) during the last 7 days, and the oracle has returned with the name (well, OK, the arbitrarily-assigned sequential number) juv3nal!

    The prize this week is copies of Risen 2: Dark Waters, Sacred 2: Gold Edition, Saints Row 2, and Saints Row: The Third. Congrats, juv3nal, and thanks for posting! I’m sending you a link to claim your new games — you can pass on the link to someone else if you prefer, as well.

    Week #2 begins now, with different prize that I’ll be giving away 7 days from today.

  3. YAY! Amazingly, that’s 4 games I don’t already own on steam!

  4. Excellent — I was hoping that you wouldn’t have at least a few of them already.

  5. Congratulations!

  6. 48 hours posting time left for the Week #2 Giveaway! I’ll be announcing the winner of the new bucket o’games on Saturday morning (May 31) Korea time / Friday evening North America time.

  7. OK, friends and neighbours, it’s giveaway time again! The Improbability Generator has been plugged into a nice hot cup of tea, and it’s popped out @whorl! Congratulations, whorl — you win copies of X3 Terran Conflict, Universe Sandbox and SpaceChem (that last one donated for the prize pool by MartinWisse over at Metafilter, and many thanks to him) to keep or re-gift as you see fit. I’ll message you in a minute or two with the details.

    Thanks to everyone who posted this week, and we’ll see you back here next Saturday.

  8. Woo! Coolbleans, heard X3 was pretty cool. I do have SpaceChem – if anybody would be interested let me know somehow.

  9. Whoah, hey, I got all confused because I’m in the middle of a 5! DAY! WEEKEND! here in Korea and forgot the 48-hours-left bell, but: let’s call it 24 hours left in this week’s giveaway. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

  10. Week #3 has come and gone, and we only had a couple of eligible candidates this time (ie people who’ve posted and haven’t won before and aren’t me), and a simple coin toss has come up themanoftwistsandturns!

    Congratulations tmot&t! You’ve won copies of Europa Universalis 3 Complete, Civilisation V and Crusader Kings 2. I hope you enjoy the genre… I’ll private message you momentarily with your keys, and thanks for posting this week.

    Thanks this time go out to martinwisse at Metafilter and nubs at MefightClub for contributing games to the prize pool.

  11. Awesome! I already own CK2, and will send it on to next week’s winner!

  12. Week #4 is winding down, and our winner this time is @mbrubeck! Congratulations — you’ve got copies of FUEL (which is one of my favorite games of all time, that I wrote about just the other day over at FGEC), The Binding of Isaac (+ Wrath of Lamb DLC) (with thanks to 256 over at MFC for donating it), and Crusader Kings 2 (which themanoftwistsandturns offered to pass on from last week’s drawing).

    I’ll send you the keys via private message momentarily!

  13. Woo! I’d like to thank the little people. Looking forward to trying out FUEL especially.

  14. Unless you’re a purist, I strongly recommend installing the FUEL REFUELED mod right out of the gate — you can unlock all vehicles, the whole map, and a bunch of other stuff, all optionally, and vehicle handling is a lot better. The game part of FUEL isn’t great at all, and not really worth it — the exploration aspect is where it’s at, I think.

  15. My cunning plan to encourage posting is… not turning out to be quite as cunning as I’d hoped. Nobody who hasn’t already won Fabulous! Prizes! has posted since last week, so I’m going to cancel this week’s drawing (with thanks to everyone who did post, of course!), and donate 10BUX to Child’s Play instead.

    Please don’t refrain from posting just to spur me on to further charitable donations though. Many of the games I’ve given away already came via Humble, so the charities are getting some love regardless.

  16. Sorry (not that I woulda been eligible for further prizes), I would post more, but my time is being eaten up by World Cup.

  17. Ah, sorry, my internet browsing habits don’t often bring me into contact with worth-a-post-here stuff. Also, I tend to read more than I post, so…

  18. All good! Prizes age like fine, fine wine. ;-)

  19. I’m on a biztrip to Seoul from Sunday to Wednesday and may not be able to do Gamefiltery things during that time, so I DECREE THAT THIS WEEK SHALL HAVE 10 DAYS. Post now, post often!

  20. OK, friends, it looks like this isn’t going to go quite as well as I’d hoped. No new posters since last time to give stuff away to!

    It’s all good, though. I’ll keep the many keys and bundles in the Giveaway Basket (and many thanks to anyone who donated games, whether they’ve been given away or not — if you’d like me to return any unused keys, please let me know via private message) for a future contest of some kind.

    Thanks for playing along!

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