Tone Control

So probably not news to anyone who follows such things, but Tone Control sprang up during Gamefilter's hiatus. It is a podcast by Steve Gaynor (of Gone Home, Bioshock 2/Minerva's Den) wherein he interviews various game developers.

You may note that there are no women developers interviewed. He’s doing something about that for Season 2:

As you guys have been noting, what I discovered as I went along was that due to logistical issues, plus my own very narrow set of criteria for the podcast guests, I ended up doing 14 episodes with no female guests, which is my own fault and not something I’m proud of. For Season 2 (ETA: unknown– possibly will appear as scattered episodes over the next couple of years, or maybe start up again on a regular schedule after I ship our next game) my goal is to make part of the mission of the cast to have an equal or better gender balance by expanding the definition of a Tone Control guest and making a balanced lineup a personal priority of mine.

  1. Oh it should also be noted: spoilers for Gone Home in most every episode in addition to spoilers for games by the developers being interviewed.

  2. I still haven’t found any gaming podcasts I enjoy, so I’m keen to give this a listen. Thanks! (Although I not a fan of Gone Home qua game (and realize I am an outlier on that), so: we’ll see, I guess.)

  3. This is probably the most insightful podcast in an industry-inside-baseball-kind-of-way, but I think how enjoyable it is depends on how familiar/interested you are in the games the interviewee had a part in making. You’ve maybe tried and bounced of these already, but:
    1) I also like the Idle Thumbs. They occasionally get silly and spend large segments not talking about games at all, but they’re all developers which lends a different sensibility than most gaming podcasts I think.
    2) In the rarely updated/seemingly-forever-in-hiatus category, A Life Well Wasted and the Brainygamer podcast are worth checking out if you haven’t already.

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