Rock Paper Shotgun is a website

So, who isn't reading Rock Paper Shotgun? Cause you totally should be reading Rock Paper Shotgun. Most of you guys are but still.

It’s a blog by some British peeps about PC gaming! And only PC gaming!

  1. It is without a doubt the best of the PC gaming blogs, I reckon. Anybody else know any other good ones? I visit Blues News for my, er, news, and Shacknews, though less so these days.

  2. I’m fond of Play the Past, but it’s a tad more niche than most.

  3. I started reading it in earnest probably a couple months ago; I’d been aware that it existed for a long while, but just didn’t dig in. I think it was the impending Steam Sales fervor that got me thinking about games a lot again, and I was like, oh. Okay. This is good.

  4. Nice. I just read RPS and massively, although I’m not sure why I read the latter, really.

  5. I read MFC, FGEC, and gamefilter. What is this RPS you’re going on about?

  6. Yeah, RPS is pretty much king of the hill for P

  7. Erhm, the rest of the comment should be like this:

    …for PC gaming these days. They have a few long-formish articles and series as well, i.e. Mine the Gap

  8. Despite the rabid praise it’s gotten, RPS never manages to hold my attention for some reason. What are some of your favorite articles? Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

  9. Well, the majority of their stuff is just link to something and add amusing framing or show a video and add amusing framing or mention a topic and… well, you know the rest. I find their reviews (Wot I think) to be pretty good, and, yes, amusing.

    I think the Britishness of the tone is something that either grabs you or doesn’t, maybe.

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