QWOP is the best game ever made, period, shut up.

Before there was QWOP, humanity was sad because of the void where it should have been. After QWOP, humanity is sad because we know we've peaked and it's all just a slow fall back toward the water, the shark increasingly far behind us. "Eyyyyy", we whisper sadly, to Ritchie and to Howard and to Marion and to the wind, "everyone is a winner."

Seriously, I love this stupid game. I’ve never even gotten any good at it, but I love it.

  1. *suffers severe Daley Thompson’s Decathlon flashbacks and ends up crouched in a corner gibbering to myself and hugging my knees*

  2. QWOP aka Running When Drunk

  3. YES! I beat my personal record! 2.1 meters, baby! BEAT THAT, SUCKAHS!

  4. I made it to 5.4 meters and was amazed it only took me about a hundred attempts to get that far. I swear I laughed myself to tears every time I read “everyone is a winner”. I may actually get the iPhone version for complete madness.

  5. Ooohhh…made it further 25.3M. For the pics or it didn’t happen crowd

  6. Everytime I fall and hear the vertebrae snapping crunch I feel like I’m reducing this small country’s population one QWOP at a time. Track and field never felt this much like genocide before…

    I was a middle distance runner, so I should know!

  7. I can not wrap my brain around the controls for this. I’m getting negative distances more often than not.

    It’s ok though. The splat noise is strangely satisfying.

  8. Oh, man, I can’t stop laughing at this. Most of the time I just do a half-flip and land on the top of my head, with my legs collapsing uselessly around me. I’m hoping to beat my record of 0.6 meters soon.

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