1. I think the track record of sequels for video games is very interesting in general. The gaming community sees a lot of sequels that are as good as the original game, if not better. It’s often debatable, but candidates like Fallout 2, Hitman: Silent Assassin, Team Fortress 2, the Halo sequels, Mass Effect 2, Super Mario Brothers 3, etc certainly make a good case for it.

    Movies, on the other hand, rarely reach such success with their sequels, the only notable exceptions being The Dark Knight, A Shot in the Dark, Star Wars V, Star Trek II.

    I suppose part of this effect is the fact that video games are more reproducible than movies, using engines and graphics programming that are usually inclined to get better rather than worse over time. Plot and dialogue usually take less of a front seat than they do in movies.

    Still, it is interesting to see how despite superior technology and more experience, a game sequel can be worse than the orignal.

  2. jauntyfedora said :

    Movies, on the other hand, rarely reach such success with their sequels, the only notable exceptions being The Dark Knight, A Shot in the Dark, Star Wars V, Star Trek II..  

    I meant to say some notable exceptions.

  3. Agreed, a game sequel being inferior to the original that spawned it is rare (I’m looking straight at you, Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers, at least when the gameplay elements remain the same between successive games. Variations and changes to gameplay mechanics happen often, but it’s rare that this is a serious set back.

    On the original topic of Tomb Raider, I personally think Tomb Raider: Legend, the next in the series after the disastrous Angel of Darkness, and to a lesser extent Underworld are quite underrated, having fixed many of the problems from Angel of Darkness, and returnedmore towards the original spirit of the games.

    That said, they’re still overhyping her tits.

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