Steam Gives You Achievements For Creating Bugs In GameMaker

"Steam is now selling non-game software, which means that, yes, non-game software can now get achievements.

This has the potential to be hilarious, and GameMaker: Studio is taking advantage of that. The game-making software offers 24 achievements, allowing you to earn virtual medals for racking up compiler errors and getting your game to run on Windows."

So when you run into a particularly nasty bug that takes you hours to fix, at least you’ll be dutifully racking up the cheevs

  1. That they’ve integrated this into Steam Workshop is really neat. We’ll see if people are willing to jump through the hoops, but it sort of means Steam will become a repository for a bunch of freeware stuff (with the caveat being that players would need to download the free version of Game Maker Studio before being able to grab any of them).

    It’s also neat that such a tool for making games will (at least in its somewhat crippled free form) be basically a click or two away from being in the hands of millions of Steam users.

    I’ll stand by GameMaker as a good piece of software (though I’ve only barely touched the Studio version — lots of bugs at launch, but that may be par for the course for those guys, and I guess they’ve probably been ironed out by now?). It lets a novice user start off with some fairly intuitive drag-and-drop game creating and shift — at any time, even within a single project — to programming directly in a language that looks a lot like Javascript, with the bonus being that many of the framework-specific functions will already be familiar from their drag-and-drop versions. (It also has a sprite editor and a level-editor built in, which removes quite a bit of friction from just diving in and messing around with things.)

  2. (I forgot to add: I think you forgot to include a link to the article?)

  3. I would have SO MANY achievements in Notepad++

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